An exhibition celebrating 100 years of Disney is coming in 2023

To celebrate the centennial of The Walt Disney Company, SC Exhibitions has begun work on an exhibition that showcases Disney’s history and legacy to premiere at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in February 2023.


The exhibition will feature galleries with hundreds of artifacts and an immersive environment that spans 15,000 feet, showcasing characters and stories from across The Walt Disney Company’s last century, according to Dieter Semmelmann, CEO of SC Exhibitions.

“It’s thrilling to bring Disney’s crown jewels – art, memorabilia, costumes, props, and one-of-a-kind treasures – to public view – and to explore the story of one of the world’s most creative entertainment companies,” said Paula Sigman Lowery, historian, co-curator, and internationally recognized expert on Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Company. “Many of these objects have never before seen outside the company’s archival, animation, and Imagineering vaults.”

“We we approach the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, we at the Walt Disney Archives are incredibly excited about traveling a new and unique exhibit marking a century of unparalleled innovation and storytelling with the world,” said Rebecca Cline, director of the Walt Disney Archives. “This groundbreaking exhibition will celebrate the wonder of Disney, from 1923 to the present and into the future.”

President and CEO of The Franklin Institute Larry Dubinski added that “The Franklin Institute is thrilled to debut this world premiere exhibition in Philadelphia during the remarkable 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. We look forward to celebrating the legacy of a creative empire synonymous with imaginative storytelling, innovation, discovery, and wonder that spans generations and delivers widespread, undeniable global appeal.”

The exhibition will also be the third collaboration between SC Exhibitions and Studio TK, a Berlin-based collective of architects, visual artists and experts of entertainment technology, who specialize in aiding the creation of brand exhibitions.

“It’s great to work at The Franklin Institute again, where our ‘Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes’ exhibit drew hundreds of thousands of visitors in summer 2019 to the galleries,” said Tobias Kunz, exhibition designer for Studio TK. “It’s a big honor to develop the design for the 100th anniversary exhibit of The Walt Disney Company with the Walt Disney Archives.”

The yet-untitled “Disney Centennial” exhibition will debut in February 2023, with a second, parallel staging for territories outside the U.S. premiering the following month.


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  1. Any info on if the Exhibition will come to London as the most disney fans per capita are in the UK outside the USA.