Fantasy Strollers to offer Star Wars-inspired strollers to Walt Disney World guests

by Brittani Tuttle

Fantasy Strollers, formerly Princess Strollers, is now gearing up to offer a brand new way for your young padawans to travel around Walt Disney World: Star Wars-inspired Spaceship Strollers.

fantasy strollers

Fantasy Strollers is offering pre-orders on new Star Wars-inspired rentals.

The independent, Florida-based stroller service is easily recognized by its iconic Carriage Stroller, a first-of-its-kind stroller that’s made of steel – and looks as if it rolled right out of a storybook. This stroller is priced at $132 for an 8-hour rental to travel through the pathways of Walt Disney World.

fantasy strollers

“If you ever want to be a celebrity, push this through [Walt] Disney World,” said Bobby Carpenter, co-founder of Fantasy Strollers. “When you walk in the park, it’s crazy. You can’t walk 10 feet without having a conversation.”

After the successful launch of the Carriage Stroller, Fantasy Strollers is set to lift off with the Spaceship Stroller starting March 1, 2019. This stroller will be equipped with two seats for kids with a height requirement of 27 inches and a maximum height of 50 inches.

fantasy strollers

The new stroller will also have a spaceship-like steering wheel for both kids to steer, along with switches, buttons, and a unique view of the park. This stroller’s rental price is also $132 for 8 hours.

Both of these unique strollers are currently only available to rent for drop-off at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. Fantasy Strollers is not affiliated with Walt Disney World or The Walt Disney Company.

To rent your own Carriage Stroller or pre-order rentals for the Spaceship Stroller, visit FantasyStrollers.com.


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