Hong Kong Disneyland unveils new Castle of Magical Dreams

To kick off its 15th anniversary celebration, today Hong Kong Disneyland unveiled the transformation of Sleeping Beauty Castle into the Castle of Magical Dreams.

castle of magical dreams

Inspired by 13 stories of Disney Princesses and Queens, the castle has many towers and spires that feature iconic patterns, textures, and colors unique to each princess. This is the first time at any Disney Park that a castle has shifted from being representative of only one princess to multiple heroines.

Since the Disney Princesses come from all over the world, the castle stands as a mosaic of different cultures with architectural inspirations from Europe, China, Southeast Asia and beyond.

castle of magical dreams
castle of magical dreams

Looking at the towers, you might spot Snow White’s apple, Abu, Mushu, or Merida’s bow and arrow. In addition, there are murals depicting each princess and queen pursuing their passions, inspired by deep research on the time periods the heroines are based in.

Castle of Magical Dreams | Hong Kong Disneyland

As part of the castle’s transformation, Hong Kong Disneyland invited guests, cast members, community partners and Disney friends to share their dreams and wishes on “magical Dream cards,” which were then collected in a treasure chest and lifted to the top of the tallest tower in the castle – ensuring that the heart of the resort will always be filled with hopes and dreams.

castle of magical dreams

There’s even a tribute to the original Sleeping Beauty Castle. Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather can be seen spreading fairy dust across the castle’s breezeway, lighting the chandeliers, and leading the way to a new rotunda featuring 9,000 points of dancing light.

To learn more about Hong Kong Disneyland’s 15th anniversary celebration, visit HongKongDisneyland.com/Happily-Ever-After.


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  1. It`s so beautiful! I wish, I wish, I wish and hope that some day, some year, we can visit the park and experience The Castle for ourselves. (And the eventual, new Arendelle, too).