How much would Disney Princess’ jewelry actually cost?

by Attractions Magazine Staff

As kids, Disney fans probably dreamed of trying on their favorite Disney Princess’ crown jewels. But how much would these treasures cost in real life? Money.co.uk’s Joel Kempson and David Allen from Purely Diamonds worked together to find out how much these accessories would be worth.

disney princess
Photos courtesy of Money.co.uk

Queen Elsa – $800,000

Queen Elsa's crown jewels. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Everyone’s favorite ice queen is at the top of the list, as Elsa’s crown jewels add up to a grand total of almost $800,000. No one can forget that coronation scene with Elsa’s frosty hands freezing the royal scepter and orb.  More than likely, Elsa’s stone of choice is sapphires; add that to the solid gold surrounding it and it totals up to one pretty penny.

Queen Anna – $230,000

disney princess

Since Anna took over the role of queen of Arendelle, she had to get some bling of her own. Anna’s crown has three kinds of stones: diamonds, citrines and tourmalines. These crystals all sit on a green enamel that’s surrounded by yellow gold. All together, Anna’s crown has a value of around $230,000.

Rapunzel – $200,000

Rapunzel's crown jewels. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Flynn Rider had the right idea when trying to steal Rapunzel’s tiara. Moonstones are at the center of this piece, and emerald flowers with a pearl center are on each side. Rubies are scattered around the base of the crown, with diamonds lining the entire design. Nothing too fancy for the lost princess, right? The jewelry expert believed this accessory to be around $200,000.

Tiana – $130,000

disney princess

Tiana is the last Disney Princess on the list for her accessories to reach over $100,000. For a little more than $130,000, Tiana’s crown and necklace combo is her nod to her time as a frog. Her necklace would be made entirely out of apatite, a symbol of wisdom. As for her tiara, huge emeralds sit on a bed of diamonds and white gold. 

Aurora – $70,000

Princess Aurora's crown jewels. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Aurora doesn’t sleep on her opportunity to outshine the other classic princesses with her crown jewels. Since Aurora was one of the first princesses to actually have a tiara, her crown is simple, but no less beautiful. Tiny details with aquamarine are found in her gold headpiece. And who can forget her iconic chunky necklace? This 22 karat gold-plated silver piece rounds off this princess’ bling at about $70,000.

Cinderella – $55,000

disney princess

Cinderella’s famous accessory doesn’t sit upon her head, but rather, on her feet! Her glass slippers in the 2015 remake were made completely out of Swarovski crystal, which totals up to just shy of $52,000. Her ginormous pearl earrings that eerily covered her actual ears in the original movie brings her total to about $55,000.

Jasmine – $7,000

Princess Jasmine's accessories. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Jasmine’s chunky bling highlights her sassy and strong personality. Her necklace and earrings are all made of gold, and her headband is mulberry silk with a blue topaz center – all totaling to more than $7,000.

Merida – $6,500

disney princess

Merida is just a few hundred dollars shy from Jasmine’s total at $6,500. Her heritage is highlighted strongly in her belt buckle and ring, both made of yellow gold and copper.

Raya – $3,500

Raya's jewelry. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Although audiences still haven’t seen the adventures of Disney’s new heroine, Raya from “Raya and the Last Dragon,” these pros were able to piece together how much her accessories cost based on the latest trailer. Her hair is wrapped in a solid gold band, and chunky rings and a bangle were spied sometime in the trailer as well. All together, this new character’s jewelry amounts to around $3,500. 

Mulan – $2,000

disney princess

Mulan doesn’t wear jewelry for the most part of her movie, but during her scenes with the matchmaker, she sports some beautiful traditional Chinese jewelry. Her jade necklace and earrings total up to $1,300. The small hair comb she left on her father’s bedside table adds her total up to a little over $2,000.

Moana – $1,200

Moana's necklace. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Moana’s jewelry may not be made out of gold, but her piece is no less beautiful. Hand-wrapped twine with pearl accessories hold up a giant green obsidian stone that totals up to around $1,200.

Pocahontas – $1,000

disney princess

Pocahontas’ iconic necklace is made of turquoise with a shell in the middle. No crowns or fancy jewelry, but her piece is one of the most recognizable accessories in Disney Princess history. Who can forget reaching towards the screen when Kocoum breaks her necklace? Her total is just shy of $1,000.

Ariel – $700

Ariel's accessories. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Ariel may not have had statement pieces, but based on her appearance in “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” her pearl earrings and silver barrettes total to just over $700.

Belle – $400

disney princess

Belle is more concentrated on her books than what she wears. Her simple gold studs that can be seen in the ballroom scene are worth almost $400.

Snow White – $85

Snow White's headband. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Lastly, the original princess, Snow White. Her red bow is made out of red silk and is worth $85.

Anastasia – $5 million

Princess Anastasia's crown jewels. Photo courtesy of www.money.co.uk.

Since Disney acquired Fox not too long ago, Anastasia can be included in the list despite not being an official Disney Princess. Every ’90s kid basically drooled over her beautiful sparkly, shiny crown. Forty-seven rows of diamonds adorn the piece, making it the most expensive at over $5 million.

All amounts have been converted from pounds to U.S. dollars. For more details, click here


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