New Lamplight Lounge to open in Pixar Pier on June 23

pixar pier
Guests will find the Lamplight Lounge just inside the entrance to Pixar Pier when it opens on June 23.

Guests can discover a new hot spot in the Lamplight Lounge when Pixar Pier opens on June 23 at Disney California Adventure Park.

This seaside lounge will have a fun and elegant atmosphere, and serve as a gathering place for the entire family located at the entrance to the land.

Lamplight Lounge will serve casual California gastro-pub food presented alongside signature cocktails, including the fan-favorite Lobster Nachos. This seaside lounge will feature a full bar and the picturesque views of the water from both upstairs and downstairs. At night, outdoor seating will provide views of the illuminated Pixar Pier and the nighttime show, “World of Color.”

The lounge, renovated from an old warehouse factory, has kept many features of the original two-story building. Comprised of structural steel elements, as well as exposed concrete and brick walls, the building uses its original elements to tell the story of its past. The original wood boards from the factory were refinished and used as ceiling panels and floors inside the location, and the furniture style gives a relaxed feel to the sophisticated and organic environment.

Lamplight Lounge will celebrate the creativity and imagination of the storytellers and artists who have brought Pixar stories to life. Guests will see their artistic marks and remnants inside the lounge, including concept art, quick sketches on napkins, collectable toys of Pixar characters and knick knacks.

The Lamplight Lounge will open with the rest of Pixar Pier on June 23, though guests wishing to visit the Cove Bar one last time can stop in starting March 16, as it briefly reopens before closing at the end of May to complete its transformation.

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  1. Pixar Pier? Well now that you’ve mentioned it Disney, how about having all the 5 emotions from Inside Out meeting and greeting. And I mean, not only Joy and Sadness, but Fear, Anger, and Disgust as well. So please, PLEASE, have ALL 5 of Riley Anderson’s emotions meet able for Disney Parks. Disneyland and Disney World are no exceptions.