Lara Croft has been completely reimagined

Lara Croft, archaeologist and adventurer made famous in the Tomb Raiders video games, has a brand-new look ahead of the opening of Camden, U.K.’s thrilling new attraction, Tomb Raider: The Live Experience.

Lara Croft statue
Photos courtesy of Stripe Communications

Little Lion Entertainment Limited, Paramount Pictures, and gaming developer Crystal Dynamics collaborated on the creation of a nine-foot-tall statue of Lara Croft, with iconic elements harkening back to her Tomb Raider persona, including her braided hair, double pistol holsters, and a look of powerful confidence.

The sandstone-style statue – which represents the time frame between the launch of the Tomb Raider action-adventure video game series in 1996 and the Survivor trilogy from 2013-2018 – was unveiled on February 15, 2022, and will take up residence in Camden, U.K.’s Stables Market, where Tomb Raider: The Live Experience will open this coming April.

When the live experience opens, it will take adventurers in teams of up to eight people on a journey with Lara Croft, who has discovered information about a powerful artifact. But she and her team (you) aren’t the only ones trying to find it. If the artifact falls into the hands of a dangerous enemy, it could spell world-wide disaster and the end of human-kind.

The journey begins in snowy Finland, and proceeds to the jungles of Costa Rica. Along the way, adventurers must escape a sinking ship, find their way through the jungle, and discover an ancient tomb, all while working through environmental puzzles and battling a secret order.

Live actors and characters from Tomb Raider help along the way, and it all takes place against a backdrop of beautifully scenic worlds.

“We’re thrilled today to unveil a brand-new look for Lara designed especially for Tomb Raider: The Live Experience,” said Tom Lionetti-Maguire, CEO and founder of Little Lion Entertainment Limited.

Dallas Dickinson, franchise general manager for Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics added, “Standing self-assured at the entrance to the attraction, we hope Lara Croft inspires people to embrace their own spirit of adventure as they take on the Live Experience.”

Tickets to Tomb Raider: The Live Experience start at £66 per person ($89.32) and can be purchased at


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