Master model builders creating characters for Legoland Florida – Final days for annual pass discount

Legoland’s master model builders have begun the painstaking task of creating and caring for nearly 15,000 models that will be on display when the park opens this October.

From an exact-replica of the White House, complete with “mini figs” of the First Family, to pterodactyls, tigers and treasure-seeking pirates, the models are being built at the future Legoland Florida site in Winter Haven, as well as Germany, Denmark, Malaysia and California.

The models are made of thousands of Lego bricks and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds each. When the park open, more than 50 million Lego bricks will have been used at the theme park.

If you’d like to make more than one visit in its first year of operation, you have just a few days left to take advantage of a special $99 annual pass. This preview pass will be good for all of 2012 and the three months the park is open in 2011. On May 1, the price goes up to $129.

Keep in mind the $99 tickets don’t include parking. Preview Plus annual passes are available for $159 (adult) and $129 (child/senior), which include free parking and retail and dining discounts.

Here’s a video of the master model builders creating the park’s colorful cast of characters and accessories while tucked away in a hidden location at Legoland Florida:

Legoland Florida top secret master model builder workshop

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