Thorpe Park announces official closure of Logger’s Leap ride

Thorpe Park has announced that its beloved log flume attraction, Logger’s Leap, is now officially closed.

logger's leap
The classic flume ride is now officially closed. Photo by Theme Park Review

The family-friendly ride originally opened in 1989 and has entertained countless guests over the years with its water-based twists and turns, not to mention its record-breaking 50-foot drop finale.

logger's leap
Photo by Theme Park Review

Logger’s Leap was open for 27 years and closed a long time ago, but is only now “officially” closing. To celebrate the ride’s memory and the resort’s 40th anniversary this year, Thorpe Park Resort is asking fans of the attraction to help create a memory mosaic – comprised of photos showcasing Logger’s Leap memories.

Fans can share their pictures by posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, tagging Thorpe Park Resort and using the hashtag #OneLastLeap.

Later this year, fans of the ride will be able to take a piece of it home through an online auction. Thorpe Park will reveal which props and elements from Logger’s Leap will be up for grabs during the exclusive auction in May.

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