McDonald’s Happy Meals now feature toys based on the movie “Lightyear”

“Lightyear” Happy Meal toys have landed at McDonald’s, featuring characters and space vehicles based on the Buzz Lightyear movie that will debut in theaters on June 17, 2022.

lightyear happy meal toys
Images courtesy of McDonald’s

There are eight toys in all, ranging from Buzz Lightyear in his spaceship to the evil Zurg in his purple ship.

Additional toys feature the characters Sox, Izzy Hawthorne, Darby Steel, Alecia Hawthorne, and Mo Morrison. Buzz Lightyear is represented twice, in two different spaceships.

buzz lightyear with happy meal

Children can also visit to download “Fly into Fun” coloring and activity sheets with coloring sheets such as Buzz with his robotic cat friend Sox, and a “Make your own space ship” page, as well as other fun scenes unrelated to the movie.

Visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios can get a sneak peek at the upcoming Disney and Pixar movie, which tells the origin story of space ranger Buzz Lightyear.


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  1. My grandson keep a biz toy on his window sense was born . He is 23 and still loves biz . I would love to get the whole set for him . Is there anyway I can do that ?