More details on the new Star Tours ride – Multiple destinations confirmed

Last year at the D23 Expo, Disney announced the popular Star Tours attractions would be getting a 3D makeover. But not much more has been announced about the redo until today.

In a “What’s Next” presentation at Disneyland this morning it was announced the new Star Tours attraction will be called “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.”

More new information:
• The ride will feature multiple destinations, including a pod race and a trip to Coruscant. The above photo is of a StarSpeeder zipping through Coruscant
• The time period of the ride will be between the two sets of trilogies. (Anakin Skywalker had just become Darth Vader at the end of episode three).

UPDATE: Disney’s D23 fan site just released a some more information about the updated ride:
There will be several points during each journey where the audience will be able to change where the story is going.’There’s an incredible number of different variations,’ explains Al Weiss, president, Worldwide Operations, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. ‘You will rarely, if ever, see the same show twice.‘”

The ride closes in Hollywood Studios on Sept. 8, 2010 and will reopen in 2011 in digital 3D.


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