New hand art vendor opens in Downtown Disney Marketplace


A new vendor has opened up in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. Located near Disney’s Pin Traders, Hand Art Memories lets customers place their handprint on paper, then an artist transforms the handprint into a picture. For example, your fingers may turn into a pirate’s beard or a princess dress, but they don’t offer official Disney characters.

img_3252They have set designs to choose from but the artist can also customize your picture. They offer holiday designs such as Santa Claus and reindeer. They’ll have special designs for other holidays as well. The new business is run by Enjoy Your Face, the same company that runs the face painting booths in most of the Orlando area theme parks.

Hand Art Memories replaces a vendor that was selling angel art. Another long-time Marketplace business that offered wood carvings has also closed down. No other vendor has replaced their location yet.


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  1. We just did this – it was really fun and different. My son’s handprint was turned into a dinosaur – so cool! We framed the canvas and have it hanging in the bedroom. We will probably do it again next year when he is five… i’m sure his hand will be much bigger by then 🙂