Spice Road Table restaurant and more now open in Morocco at Epcot – Photos/Video

by Matt Roseboom

spice road table at epcot outside

By Matt Roseboom

Spice Road Table restaurant is now open at Epcot, offering inside and outside waterfront dining in the Morocco pavilion and more. Let’s take a look around.

spice road table at epcot

The view of the new area as you approach from the France pavilion.

spice road table sign at epcot

As the sign says, it’s not your usual restaurant. Here, only small plates are served.

spice road table entrance

Here’s where you enter the restaurant. You can check in at the host stand here or go on past to the bar.

spice road table bar

Notice the wheel spinning behind the bar. From here you can go left for outside dining or right for inside seating. Both sides serve the same menu.

spice road table outside dining

The outside dining has a roof, but no walls.

spice road table inside

The inside dining isn’t very large, so if this is where you really want to sit, you should request it ahead of time.

spice road table dining tables

Both inside and outside dining offer great views of the nightly fireworks. If this is your plan, be sure to request a table near the water and make your reservations as late as possible since the restaurant usually closes when the fireworks start.

spice road table menu

Here’s the menu posted outside. It’s pretty much the whole main part of the menu, besides drinks.

spice road table food

The long plate is the Tingis Sampler for $16. Behind that in the round small dish is the Mussels Tagine for $10. Keep in mind that when they say small plates, they mean it. If you’re really hungry, you’ll need to order quite a few dishes to fill up.

Morocco store at epcot

Next to the restaurant is the Moroccan store. Next to that is the Henna tattoo area.

spice road table quick serve beverages

On the end of the building is this walk-up area to get drinks.

spice road table juice bar

The walk-up beverage menu.

spice road table overview

This is looking at the new area from the Japan pavilion side.

Finally, here’s a video tour of the area, with some of the Moroccan belly dancer at the end:

Spice Road Table restaurant at the Morocco pavilion at Epcot - Walt Disney World

Spice Road Table is open for lunch and dinner every day. They are in soft opening right now, so they aren’t taking discounts or reservations yet, but they expect to be soon.


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totalorlando (Kev) January 13, 2014 - 8:51 am

We’d much prefer if they repainted the Lagoon side color scheme to a more rustic design.
The blue and white seems to jar with, rather than compliment the beautiful Moroccan Pavilion.

Surely we can’t be the only ones that think this might need a rethink really quickly?

George January 16, 2014 - 11:56 am

Hi Kev – At first I thought the same but then realized that they are actually spot on in the architecture and design for the what the restaurant actually is, Mediterranean. Once you get past that this is a completely different style, menu, and representing the Mediterranean countries, and thats is blue and white.


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