New themed ‘worlds’ announced for Genting SkyWorlds in Malaysia

Resorts World Genting has announced new worlds coming to their much anticipated theme park, Genting SkyWorlds. Located in Malaysia, this new park will feature nine movie and adventure inspired worlds.

Genting SkyWorlds announces worlds for upcoming theme park.

The nine themed “worlds” include:

Studio Plaza 

Acting as the guests’ gateway to other worlds, this ‘world’ is inspired by the golden age of cinema. With elements of cinematic grandeur, the facade beckons guests to check out the other worlds beyond this one.

Eagle Mountain

The desert ghost town of Eagle Mountain is set to be somewhere in California. A popular hangout spot for bikers, this forgotten town is not without its electrifying energy. “Mad Ramp Peak – Full Throttle Racing” will be the world’s first dual-powered coaster bike ride.

Central Park

As one of the largest worlds in Genting Skyworlds, this land offers many movie-inspired action packed rides. “Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem” teams guests up with the museum’s night guard through an interactive 3D ride through the museum.

“ESD Global Defender” allows guests to board an aerospace fighter through galactic skies. In “Independence Day: Defiance” guests will gear up for an exciting space endeavor in one of the largest dome screen theaters.


In the busy town of Santa Teresa, visitors can board a double-decker “Blue Sky Carousel”. “Rio Carnival Chaos!” is a twirling-teacup inspired ride, and “Samba Gliders” takes guests 65 feet in the air for a birds-eye view of Rio.

Ice Age 

Join Sid and the herd in a prehistoric adventure. “Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice” takes guests through ice caverns, Geotopia and a lava tunnel to rescue the last campers of Campo De Sid. Through a rollercoaster, Scrat tries to find his acorn in “Acorn Adventure.” In “Sid’s Rock N Slide” guests will join Sid and Diego through a motion-filled log ride. In the “Mammoth Fun Zone” kids of all ages can run around and play.


In this tiny whimsical world, guests will be transported in the indoor boat ride “Epic Voyage to Moonhaven.” Shrink down to size in  “Epic Hummingbird Flyers,” where guests must defend Queen Marigold from the Boggans.

Robots Rivet Town 

Soar high above Rivet Town in “Bigweld’s Zeppelins.” The “Rivet Town Roller” will take guests through an adventurous capsule ride.

Liberty Lane

Featuring unique stores and themed food outlets, this world is also home to “Invasion of the Planet of the Apes.” Join Caesar and other iconic primates in their battle for survival.

Andromeda Base

In this galactic world, “Terraform Tower Challenge” takes guests through breathtaking views with a unique surprise start. At “Boot Camp Training” physical obstacle courses will challenge even the toughest recruit. “Alpha Fighter Pilots” will take riders through a space battle in a 360 multi-directional simulation.

Although the park was set to open this year, Resorts World Genting is waiting for a successful implementation of the National Recovery Plan, and a new grand opening date should be announced soon.

“Myself and the team are confident the good times aren’t too far away and we can look up to brighter days when we open the gates to our incredible theme park and present the unique, fun and amazing adventures Genting SkyWorlds has to offer,” said Greg Pearn, head of theme parks and experience at Resorts World Genting.

Although Genting SkyWorlds is postponing their opening, Universal Beijing is set to open in September, click here for more information.


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