New ‘Treasure Hunt: The Ride’ coming to California in 2022

by Samantha Davis-Friedman

A new pirate-themed interactive dark ride called “Treasure Hunt: The Ride” is coming to historic Cannery Row in Monterey Bay, Calif. next year.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride
Images courtesy of Sally Dark Rides

Developed through a partnership between Sally Dark Rides — a leading creator of family ride experiences — and the themed fabrication experts at Daniels Wood Land, “Treasure Hunt: The Ride” takes storytelling to a new level with hand-crafted set pieces, animatronics, and special effects combined with interactive media that embrace the region’s local pirate lore.

“We have always been impressed with the scenic style and capabilities of the incredible artists and craftsmen from Daniels Wood Land,” says Sally Dark Rides CEO John Wood. ”To work with them to create a one-of-a-kind pirate adventure in Monterey is something we were excited about from the moment we heard about the opportunity,”

Treasure Hunt: The Ride ride layout

During the 10 ½-minute experience (a six-minute preshow and four ½-minute ride), visitors to Monterey Bay will explore a newly-discovered system of caverns located beneath Cannery Row that, according to legend, once served as a hideout for the infamous Pirate Captain Hippolyte Bouchard and his crew.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride - Cavern Car

As they search for hidden treasure in the subterranean tunnels, riders in four-passenger “Cavern Car” vehicles will use “Treasure Collector” interactive devices to defend themselves against dangers, including the rising tide, sea monsters, and a fearsome skeleton crew.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride - Treasure Collector

“When the location for the ride became available […] it took about 30 seconds to arrive at the conclusion that we need to build a world-class dark ride […] and it took just a few more seconds to […] shanghai the scallywags at Sally Dark Rides to join us in forming the most creative band of pirates that have ever plied the Western Coast,” says Daniels Wood Land President Ron Daniels President. “This is something my brother John and I have wanted to do for over 20 years […], so it’s literally a dream coming true […], and it’s an honor and a privilege to partner with Sally Dark Rides and make it happen!”

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