Nik Wallenda’s ‘Zirkus’ brings heart-pounding entertainment to Silver Dollar City

Nik Wallenda, circus performer and high-wire walker, brings his own brand of daredevil entertainment to Silver Dollar City in the park’s new “Zirkus” show.

Nik Wallenda's Zirkus
Photos courtesy of Silver Dollar City

A decade after Wallenda set the Iron Jaw World Record by dangling from a helicopter over Silver Dollar City’s amphitheater using only his jaw – with 4,000 captivated spectators watching from below – the famous stunt performer has produced the show exclusively for the Branson, Missouri park.

Nik Wallenda

“Zirkus” will take to the stage from June 11-July 24, 2022, and will feature members of Wallenda’s family, who are seventh-generation performers.

Acts include soaring acrobatics, aerial stunts, human pyramids, trick bicycling, juggling, and the family’s hallmark stunt, high-wire walking.

Wallenda says the theme of his show, which takes place during the park’s “Biggest Entertainment Year Ever,” is, “The impossible is possible.”

“We want to present an inspiring message that, ‘I can do anything if I set my mind to it,” he added. “We hope guests come to be impressed and leave inspired.”

The Wallendas, who perform in Zirkus

Over the years, millions of viewers have watched The Wallenda troupe as they performed death-defying stunts on the high wire and in the sky. Nik has also broken 11 Guinness World Records all on his own.

He may be most famous for his historic highwire walk over Niagara Falls on June 15, 2012, but he has also walked the skyline in Chicago, and above New York’s Times Square.

Other daring stunts took place over an active volcano, and a heart-stopping walk above the Grand Canyon’s Little Colorado River Gorge in Arizona, during which unexpected high winds made the walk even more terrifying and dangerous.

“The wire is my passion, and I’m blessed to be able to share that with the world while performing with my family at a place that celebrates families,” Wallenda said of his upcoming “Zirkus” show.

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Nik Wallenda's 600 foot tightrope walk at Legoland Florida

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