Nostalgic Airbnbs in Dallas, Texas give you a taste of the ’80s and ’90s

When Jeremy Turner decided to get into the Airbnb business in Texas, he knew he wanted to have some fun with it. He decided to turn his rental properties into nostalgic themed units celebrating the 1980s and ’90s. He lovingly refers to the rentals as “The Slater,” his ’90s space named after a character from the hit show “Saved by the Bell;” “The McFly” for his ’80s space named after Marty Mcfly from “Back to the Future;” and he even has a “Home Alone”-themed rental unit named “The Kevin.” Here’s a look at these uniquely themed spaces where you can crash for the night and take a trip down memory lane.

nostalgic airbnb texas

In “The Slater,” you can watch VHS tapes on the large screen television and play video games on a Nintendo 64 in a living room full of bean bag chairs, featuring a skillfully painted wall reminiscent of the opening theme song sequence from “Saved by the Bell.” When it’s time to eat your sugary cereals and other meals, you can do so in a kitchen that looks very much like The Max restaurant from the show. Bedrooms are adorned with toys and collectibles of yesteryear along with posters featuring pop culture icons like “Friends,” “Titanic,” and “New Kids on the Block.”

Downstairs in “The McFly,” you can not only enjoy your video games on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (with Power Glove), but you also have access to a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” full video game console along with all other sorts of 1980s goodness.

Although these two units have completely separate entrances, they do share the backyard, featuring an iconic playground set from McDonald’s restaurants of yesteryear.

Officer Big Mac playground piece from McDonald’s stands in the backyard.

In a completely separate building, you can stay at “The Kevin” featuring recreated scenes from the classic Christmas movie, “Home Alone.” The living room comes complete with articulated mannequins in order to fool your neighbors, a dining room set up like the night Kevin defeated the robbers, and even a recreation of Buzz’s bedroom.

The next time you’re in the Dallas area and looking for a space to spend the night, perhaps you’d like to book a stay at “The Slater,” “The McFly,” or “The Kevin” for a night of nostalgic throwbacks. Be sure to follow the creator @jeremynturner on Instagram to stay up to date on all of his latest Airbnb projects including @TheSlaterDallasTX, @TheMcFlyDallasTX, and @TheKevinBNB.

Check out our video tours of “The McFly” and “The Slater” below:

The McFly 80's Themed Airbnb in Dallas, Texas
The Slater 90's Themed Airbnb in Dallas, Texas

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