Out of the Loop: A look at Air Force One and more at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library



One of the unique features of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California is the gallery with a retired Air Force One jet. President Reagan flew aboard this jet more than any other, 211 times.

entrance The Reagan Presidential Library is north of Los Angeles in a ranch-style building in the Simi Valley.

statues Life-size statues of the President and First Lady are at the entrance.

oval One of the most popular exhibits at all Presidential Libraries is a replica of the Oval Office as it was during the President’s time. Each President has the office decorated to their taste. Among the things they choose is a desk from a predecessor, and variations for a new carpet with the presidential seal.


theater This theater presentation summarizes the President’s career. Young people reading this article don’t yet realize how through their life one thing will lead to another.

Ronald Reagan’s career started with a play-by-play of a football game when auditioning for a radio job. This lead to being a General Electric spokesman, and he toured the country at GE facilities, inspiring employees and listening to their concerns. He became known for his ability to communicate with people. This lead to mediating a Screen Actors Guild dispute. Which lead to California politics and to being the Governor of California. This lead to the presidency. Along the way he also was a master of ceremonies for the grand opening of Disneyland.

horse In this photo opportunity, guests can sit in a saddle to be photographed with a low camera as if riding with the President on his ranch.

saddles Some of Ronald Reagan’s saddles.

queen Here’s a handwritten note from the Queen of England, in condolence to Mrs. Reagan. The Queen often rode horses with the President during state visits.

decoder A device used by the former USSR to encrypt communications.

suit The President was wearing a brand new suit when he was wounded, and the suit was cut to shreds in the emergency room.

honor This is a Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military award, awarded by the President to a soldier. The medal was later donated to the museum.

freedom The Medal of Freedom is the nation’s highest award for a civilian. This is Mrs. Reagan’s Medal of Freedom, awarded by President Bush in 2001. Walt Disney was awarded a Medal of Freedom by President Johnson in 1964.

small3698 The Air Force One gallery opened at the Library in 2005. This jet flew from 1972 to 2001.

sideView Museum guests can walk through this jet, see all the rooms and passenger areas. However, no photos are permitted inside the jet.

gear The ballroom area under the jet offers impressive views of a jet that you probably have never seen before, such as being close to the landing gear.

blinky This is the jet’s beacon. You see similar beacons when jets fly overhead at night.

intake This is for cabin air.

under1 Looking forward.

underneath Looking to the rear.

underComposite A composite photo.

limo Other forms of Presidential transportation are on display. This was one of President Reagan’s limos.

limo2 Time is causing some of the laminate glass to separate.

marine3 The helicopters that transport the President to Air Force One or Camp David are called Marine One.

marine2 A jet intake with red covering.

marine1 A jet engine.

grave President Reagan’s gravesite.

office President and Mrs. Reagan had personal offices above the library here.

disney The library often has temporary exhibits. Treasures from the Disney Archives were recently displayed. Note the large crate, ready to be packed with items from the Archives.

However, stay tuned … we have a visit to the Disney Studios in Burbank and the Disney Archives to share with you soon …


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