Parking trams return to Epcot and Hollywood Studios in September

After more than 1,200 days, parking lot trams will once again be available at all four Walt Disney World theme parks, when they return to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in September.

Walt Disney World parking trams
Photos courtesy of Disney Parks

Walt Disney World parking trams closed along with the theme parks, but until now, only the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom trams have returned.

In January, we calculated that it can be a nearly 1,850-step walk, each way, to and from your car. While this may be bonus exercise for some guests, for families with grandparents, young kids, or people with physical limitations, it’s not the most magical way to start or end a Disney day.

So far, no specific return date has been announced, but it looks like guests visiting the parks during the busy Halloween and holiday seasons can look forward to a ride to their ride.

Click here for information about parking at Walt Disney World Resort.


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