Photo update: Falcon’s Fury rises high above Busch Gardens

by Banks Lee

falcon's fury busch gardens

By Kirstin Wright

The majority of the Christmas decorations at Busch Gardens have been put away, but ironically, this most recent visit to the park required a sweatshirt, the only time I have had to don long sleeves at the park all holiday season.




On our way to the Zambia Smokehouse, we spotted a couple of lions chowing down on some lunch of their own. I’m not sure what this frozen orange concoction was, but the lions seemed pretty content licking it.




During the month of January, Busch Gardens annual passholders can take advantage of 30 percent off merchandise, food and beverages, and we did just that. The Zambia Smokehouse, positioned feet away from part of Shiekra’s track, has some of the most effective advertising a restaurant can get: smells!

The food lives up to those smells, too. I got the smokehouse’s signature baby back ribs, which were cooked to perfection. Just enough bite so that the meat stayed on the bone but not too tender so that you end up with a plate of pulled pork. Bryce got the rib platter, which comes with the thicker beef ribs. For dessert, apple cobbler, which warmed our bellies on the chilly-for-Floridians day.



The rise of Falcon’s Fury has been quick and exciting to watch. The ride can easily be seen from all over the park now.



The construction site was noisy and active during our visit. A couple of construction workers were cutting some sort of teal pipe and jackhammers could be heard all around the Timbuktu area.



The crew was hard at work on the structure itself, too. Two men were securing bolts on the topmost piece of the ride. On our way out of the park, the silver ring they were standing on had moved to the very top of that ride piece.

We won’t have to imagine the view from up there too much longer, as Falcon’s Fury takes flight this spring!


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1 comment

totalorlando (Kev) January 8, 2014 - 7:54 am

We saw an aerial view of this latest section in place this week.
I consider myself to be totally fearless when it comes to thrill rides, but Falcon’s Fury looks set to really test us all to the limit!

300ft plunge?
All riders ‘facing downwards?’

I simply can’t wait to try it once, but will this be the first ever thrill ride that I give a miss the second time?


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