Photo Update: Super Nintendo World awaits guests’ arrival

by Tharin White

Just yesterday, it was announced that Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan will be opening in spring 2021 – but this delay seems to focus more so on the inability for many to travel instead of construction issues. In fact, the land looks almost ready to go right now. These photos, taken by The Sankei News, provide us great aerial visuals of this colorful new area.

Aerial look at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

When a Super Mario-themed land was proposed for a theme park, many knew that it needed to be done right. This iconic character and world have such signature looks and sounds. Based on everything we have seen so far, Universal has nailed it.

Alongside the vibrant and fun paint job, the characters themselves give life to Super Nintendo World. Yoshi, seen here running around the tree, is one of many moving characters in this land. This continuous kinetic energy in the park will make this land feel so much more alive.

GIF of moving characters in Super Nintendo World.

In a previous article, we went more in-depth about these characters’ movements. Every little detail moves in this land, from Goombas to coins, Super Mushrooms to Koopa Troopas, and even a Thwomp!

Secondary look at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan from above.

We have seen images of this entrance before, but never with this level of camera quality. This entrance uses the same hidden tunnel reveal which was made famous at Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. Compared to the darker and more mysterious feeling of the next-door land of Hogsmeade, this area will truly pop with color and energy.

Aerial look at bowser's castle

Looking back at the first image in this article, it’s easy to see the multi-level design. The tall walls that surround this land will help sell the immersion, and the multi-level design will keep the land from looking like it is stuck in a box.

On the right side of the image are the Yoshi ride vehicles for the “Yoshi’s Adventure” family-style dark ride. The ride vehicles go through different areas of the park but appear to ultimately start and end in the main hilltop structure. This hilltop was our first ever reference point for this land. That first article was just a little over a year ago. Check out that link to see the amazing progress one year has made.

On the top-center portion of the image is the entrance to the “Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge” attraction at Bowser’s Castle. This ride is rumored to have augmented reality (AR) glasses to help sell the gamified aspect of the ride. It is expected that each ride vehicle will hold four guests. This flagship attraction has big expectations to meet and is expected to propel forward the world of AR glasses in major theme parks.

World’s first Mario Café

While the actual land isn’t opening until next year, guests can enjoy new Mario Bros. additions to the park as early as Oct. 16. Ahead of the land’s opening, the world’s first Mario Café & Store will open in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Japan. The café and store will offer exclusive themed food and merchandise in an immersive, colorful atmosphere. The exterior of the café and shop will feature the iconic red and green color scheme from the Mushroom Kingdom.

How ready are you to jump into the world of Super Mario Bros. at Universal Studios Japan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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