A new look at Super Nintendo World’s amazing in-park effects

It has been over two months since we have gotten a good look at the construction progress on Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. In that time they’ve added numerous new in-park effects that amplify the already fun and energetic land. New footage, taken by 爆釣会会長ばくちょうかいかいちょう on Youtube, gives us an idea of the incredible attention to detail we can expect in the park.

Goombas, coins, Super Mushrooms, a Koopa Troopa, and a Thwomp!

These GIFs and photos from the YouTube video showcase the immense kinetic energy Super Nintendo World will provide. Much like in the Mario games, movement is everywhere. We have Goombas, coins, Super Mushrooms, a Koopa Troopa, and a Thwomp! A close eye above will see the Thwomp even makes a smoke effect when it lands. Every time we have looked at this land, more fantastic new details emerge.

【スーパーニンテンドーワールド】2度目の緊急事態宣言により開業延期中 / Super Nintendo World, which is difficult to open

Goombas move back and for the in Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Japan.

Looking towards Bowser’s Castle we can see even more movement. We have looked at the Yoshi in the top right corner before. But, this view also showcases shells, moving blocks, coins, and stacked Goombas. From guest’s view, ground level and the second floor, the work behind these effects will be entirely hidden.

Bowser's castle in Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Japan.

We also get this updated look at Bowser Castle with orange eyes. The Koopa Troopa at the top left will walk across that pathway. This structure is the entrance to the Mario Kart attraction. While not confirmed, the rumored name for the ride is “Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge.”

Clouds move back and forth in Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Japan.

Almost a full year ago our only view of this land was of this main hilltop. While this is still the tallest point of the land, it is certainly not the only key area.

Overview of  in Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Japan.
Photo by @imaiko02 on Instagram.

In a previous article, we got a helicopter view of the construction. The previously mentioned hilltop is in the center left. Photo angles such as these revealed pathways, stores, decorations, and new looks at structures like Peach’s Castle.

Super Nintendo Land at night at Universal Studios Japan.
Click the photo for a full size shot from the video you can zoom in on.

From the footage, we also got this view of the land at night. Towards the bottom of the shot, you can see that construction lighting is still in place. So, this is not the final look, but it does give us a general idea.

Nighttime in Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Japan.

Once we zoom in, we can see the Thwomp’s glowing red eyes. The “?” blocks also glow. Both of the Piranha Plants in this shot are still being worked on. With the abundance of movement from all of the other characters, it will be very interesting to see what these do.

As we have seen time and time again in this land, Universal Studios Japan is not holding back. All of these details are just what we can peer at so far. It makes us really excited for what we will find when we finally visit.

While the video ends with a message stating that the land opens after November, there has been no official announcement from Universal yet. Universal Studios Japan has only said the opening has been delayed and an official date will be announced later.

Are you a super fan or a casual gamer? What about this land are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.


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