Photo Update: Super Nintendo World construction, a wild Yoshi appears!

by Tharin White

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is coming along quickly, and major new announcements were made earlier this week!

Universal released new computer-animated looks into the land, and also showcased a new smartphone app, the Power Up Band and a music video. Thanks to @Yuta_USJ on Twitter, we got helicopter footage, via a local television station, of this upcoming land.

super nintendo world

This incredible shot showcases an outdoor Yoshi figurine. Looking closely, you can see that the figure is on a track that continually rises and falls. It doesn’t appear that the figure will have movement besides this. So, we can expect the static figure to appear to hop in circles around the tree. You can see an older shot of this figurine in a previous construction update.


This zoomed-out shot better showcases the placement of Yoshi on the main hilltop backdrop. Since Yoshi will be significantly higher in the air, it won’t require the figurine to do much more than hop. This shot also shows a lot of the hidden mechanics going into the making of this hilltop. From a guest view, there will be lush grasses and fun characters. Unknown to them is the intertwined steelwork and track that makes all of these pieces move.

The land will be full of kinetic energy, with numerous pieces constantly on the move. In this shot alone, we can see moving clouds, Yoshi, a mushroom, goombas, and a POW! Block.

super nintendo world

Seen from the backside of the mountain is another view of the steelwork. The four coins appear ready to spin for opening day! The main steel structure in the background is Bowser’s Castle. This will be the entrance to the land’s Mario Kart attraction.

universal studios japan

Lastly, we see this zoomed-out shot, which helps us place this upcoming land inside of Universal Studios Japan. It’s clear to see that this land will be located next to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Guests will enter a tunnel in the main park to emerge out of Princess Peach’s Castle in Super Nintendo World.

In an older construction article, we talked about the rumored Donkey Kong expansion. The empty area to the right of the main area of the land, behind Hogsmeade, seems like a prime location for this rumor to come true. While we think it may be many years before it happens, we’re excited to see future development with Nintendo.

With Super Nintendo World opening this summer, we want to know: will you be heading out to see this major expansion? Or, will you wait for Mario and the gang to head to Universal parks in other parts of the world? Let us know in the comments!


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Photo Update: Super Nintendo World in Japan makes incredible progress - GATE.UA May 28, 2020 - 6:38 pm

[…] farther left, we can see the tallest point of the land: this hilltop. This hilltop has been a reference of ours for a while. It’s packed full of moving parts, many of which can be seen from this image. Look at anything […]


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