Photo Update: Super Nintendo World gets ready for players coming 2020

by Tharin White

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is coming along quickly as the promised Spring 2020 opening soon approaches. Thanks to theme park fans in Japan, we have compiled a collection of shots to see new looks into this upcoming land.

Photo by @9656sola on Twitter

UPDATE: 12/26/2019 Yoshi animatronic has been added to main hilltop in Super Nintendo World.

Photography by Toshinobu Hori

This first nighttime shot showcases construction lighting for now. But, we are eager to see the official lighting in the land! Even with this basic setup the hills looks spectacular and full of life and color.

Photo by @USJro331 on Twitter

This daytime looks showcases more of the large and colorful hills. While scaffolding is hiding it for now, the construction on the left will be Bowser’s Castle. This will be the entrance to the Mario Kart attraction.

Photo by @USJro331 on Twitter

This angle looks farther left in the land where additional hills will help hide the outside world from guests. Much like Diagon Alley and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this land is designed to be fully immersive. The construction workers also give a great example of scale. Upon completion the use of forced perspective will probably make the hills they are standing on appear much larger and farther away.

Photo by @USJro331 on Twitter

This is the shot I am the absolute most excited for. We can see a green shell and a stack of goombas! It also appears that both are on a sort of track that will help add movement to the hills. It would be excellent to see the goombas waddle with each little step across the grass.

Photo by @USJro331 on Twitter

On the side of the main show building is a large graphic of the forest. This is expected to be for the rumored expansion of Donkey Kong. While it doesn’t appear that Donkey Kong or the large high-tech coaster will appear with the lands initial opening, it seems Universal is already pre-prepping certain areas. The graphics are on the show building that will house the Mario Kart ride and probably portions of the Yoshi attraction as well.

Photo by USJ Information L.C.A.STUDIOS

Lastly is a look at Super Nintendo World buses. These were seen testing during transportation rides for Universal Team Members. Perhaps the interior will receive a super fun theming as well.

Photo by USJ Information L.C.A.STUDIOS

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Japan this upcoming Spring in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. This will certainly be a major addition to the park and the first of numerous Nintendo themed lands across the globe.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan - Coming 2020

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Athenarose December 24, 2019 - 5:31 pm

They are so lucky!!!!If this was in Orlando it truly would give wdw some competition..Im actually hoping it comes to Universal soon ..I’m not really impressed with the new rides at Disney but I’m intrigued by what Universal might do..

Shane Winsten January 7, 2020 - 6:31 pm

Just you wait for epic universe my freind. Just you wait.


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