Super Nintendo World to open spring 2021 at Universal Studios Japan

After much delay, Universal Studios Japan has set a new opening season for the highly-anticipated Super Nintendo World – the first-ever theme park land based on the characters and worlds of Nintendo.

super nintendo world
Photos courtesy of Universal Studios Japan

Set to open in spring 2021, with an official opening date to be announced soon, the land will feature Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides, as well as restaurants, shops and more. The land will also incorporate an interactive wearable called a Power Up Band, which guests can use to jump, hit blocks, collect virtual coins and items, bringing the experience of playing Super Mario video games into the real world.

mario cafe

Ahead of the land’s opening, the world’s first Mario Café & Store will open in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Japan on Oct. 16. The café and store will offer exclusive themed food and merchandise in an immersive, colorful atmosphere. The exterior of the café and shop will feature oversized Mario and Luigi hat sculptures, as well as the iconic red and green color scheme from the Mushroom Kingdom.

super nintendo world

The interior will have checkered floors based on the Mario Kart racing flags, LED signs, and a “sky” ceiling.

mario food

At the café, guests will be able to order a variety of items from a themed menu, including Super Mario pancake sandwiches and cream sodas. There’s even a souvenir sipper that looks like a Super Mushroom.

super nintendo world

Next to the café, the shop will offer merchandise with original Universal Studios Japan designs featuring Super Mario characters, including Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.

mario merch

Some of the items for sale will include pouches, smartphone cases, key chains, and more.

Universal Studios Japan will be the first of Universal’s parks to open Super Nintendo World, with Hollywood and Singapore to follow suit. A version of the land is also planned for Universal’s Epic Universe theme park in Orlando, Fla., which has “paused” construction due to COVID-19.

Universal Studios Japan reopened to the public on June 19, 2020. Those in Japan with any type of Studio Pass or Annual Pass are allowed to visit, but are encouraged to check their prefecture’s latest travel policies and visit at their own discretion. Masks and temperature checks are still required for guests visiting the park.

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