Physics Day at Busch Gardens offers students a chance to learn at ‘the world’s largest physics lab’

Physics Day has been going on at Busch Gardens Tampa for over a decade now. Each year Busch Gardens offers students a look at physics in action. As Dr. David Wright, the host of Physics in Motion, said during last year’s presentation: “Welcome to the world’s largest physics lab”.

The day starts out when students got a whole hour of exclusive coaster time before the park opened to guests. With close to no wait time at all, they were able to ride almost every coaster in the park!

Scattered around the park are highly interactive Animal Biomechanic Interactive Stations including Non-Newtonian fluid, speed and stride calculations and magnetic breaking systems.

The main event of the day is the Physics In Motion presentation which is a highly interactive show featuring Dr. David Wright, Professor of Physics at Tidewater Community College in Virginia.

The show features lots of student interaction.

During the show students are called up on stage to perform a variety of physics tests including simulating Cheetah Hunt’s magnetic breaking system and more.

The highlight of the presentation this past year was the appearance of Kasi and Mtani, the cheetah cub and yellow lab pair, at the end of the presentation where Kasi leaped up on the box showing his stride and agility.

Here’s a video featuring highlights from last year’s event:

Physics Day at Busch Gardens Tampa - Overview

For more information about attending Physics Day 2012 click here or call 877-BGT-CAMP.


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