Reality TV stars to return to Celebration, Fla. to benefit Give Kids The World


Come meet the stars of hit reality shows like “Survivor”, “Big Brother”, “The Amazing Race”, and more as a part of this year’s Summer Sidewalk Sale and Heart of Reality event.

On Friday, a sidewalk sale kicks off with a “Sales Survivor: Treasure Hunt”. Visit the restaurants to get your “treasure map” and use the clues to navigate through Celebration Town Center to uncover the answers. One “Sole Survivor” will walk away with $500 worth in cash and prizes.

On Saturday, a special autograph signing will take place at the Celebration Bohmeian Hotel from 3 to 6 p.m. and a special “Survivor Party” at the Celebration Town Tavern will be held that evening with all proceeds from the party and autograph signing benefiting Give Kids The World Village. On Sunday, the Sidewalk Sale continues and it will be the last day to return your completed treasure maps to be eligible to win.

Attendees include Aras Baskauskas, winner of Survivor Panama; Chris Nordhorn, “The Phantom” from The Bachelorette Season 6; Cindy and Ernie, winners of The Amazing Race 19; Brad Culpepper, nine Year NFL Defense Tackle Vikings, Buccaneers and Bears; and Maiara Walsh, from Desperate Housewives and Mean Girls 2. (See the full list below.)

Check out the full schedule for the weekend:

Friday, July 27-

  • “Sales” Survivor Treasure Hunt and Sidewalk Sale Begins
  • Private Party and Sponsor Reception

Saturday, July 28

  • 3 to 6 p.m. Autograph Signing – Open to the public at Celebration Bohemian Hotel. A $20 donation to Give Kids The World gets you autographs and a book.
  • 10 p.m.: Party with the Stars at Celebration Town Tavern – $30 donation to Give Kids the World gets you admission, two drink tickets, finger foods and entertainment.

Sunday, July 29

  • Treasure Hunt Challenge Concludes

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.celebrationtowncenter.com.

2012 Attendees Confirmed As of July 17

ce Gordon- Survivor Gabon
Alicia Rosa- Survivor One World
Andrea Boehlke- Survivor Redemption Island
Aras Baskauskas- Survivor Panama (WINNER)
Bea Henington-Fox’s Solitary 4.0
Ben Henry-Survivor Nicaragua
Billy Garcia-Survivor Cook Islands
Bob Crowley- Survivor Gabon (WINNER)
Brandon Hantz-Survivor South Pacific
Brendon Villegas-Big Brother 12, 13-The Amazing Race 20
Brook Roberts-The Amazing Race 17
Bruce Kanegai-Survivor Panama
Chelsea Meissner-Survivor One World
Chris Daugherty- Survivor Vanuatu (WINNER)
Chris Nordhorn “The Phantom”- The Bachelorette Season 6
Christina Cha-Survivor One World
Cindy and Ernie-The Amazing Race 19 (WINNERS)
Colton Cumbie- Survivor One World
Courtney Yates- Survivor China and Survivor Heroes vs Villains
Cristina Coria-Survivor Cook Islands
Danni Boatwright-Survivor Guatemala (WINNER)
Dr. Carl Bilancione-Survivor Africa
Earl Cole- Survivor Fiji (WINNER)
Eliza Orlins- Survivor Vanuatu and Survivor Micronesia
Elyse Myers-The Bachelor Season 16
Eric Sanchez-The Amazing Race 9 & All-Stars (WINNER)
Eric Stein “America’s Player”- Big Brother 8
Erik Huffman-Survivor China
Evel Dick- Big Brother 8 (WINNER) Big Brother 13
Gillian Larson- Survivor Gabon
Hayden Moss- Big Brother 12 (WINNER)
Jaime Dugan Huffman-Survivor China
James Clement-Survivor China, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains
James Miller- Survivor Palau
Jane Bright-Survivor Nicaragua
Jay Byars-Survivor One World
Jessie Camacho-Survivor Africa, Host of Telemundo’s “Descontrol”
Jodi Wincheski- The Amazing Race 14
John Raymond-Survivor Thailand
Jonas Otsuji-Survivor One World
Jordan Pious- The Amazing Race 16 (WINNER)
Julie Berry-Survivor Vanuatu
Justin Young-The Amazing Race 19
Katrina Edorsson-Survivor One World
Ken and Tina Greene- The Amazing Race 13
Kim Spradlin- Survivor One World (WINNER)
Lea Masters “Sarge”- Survivor Vanuatu
Leif Manson-Survivor One World
Marcus Lehman-Survivor Gabon
Matt Quinlan-Survivor One World
Matthew Lenahan “Sash”- Survivor Nicaragua
Michael Bortone- Survivor Micronesia
Mike Skupin-Survivor The Australian Outback
Monica Culpepper-Survivor One World
Michael Jefferson-Survivor One World
Michele Noonan-Big Brother 11
Mike Chiesl-Survivor Redemption Island
Mikayla Wingle-Survivor South Pacific
Nick Peterson-The Bachelorette Season 7
Ozzy-Survivor Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific
Papa Bear-Survivor South Pacific
Phillip Sheppard- Survivor Redemption Island
Porsche Briggs-Big Brother 13
Rachel Reilly-Big Brother 12,13-The Amazing Race 20 (WINNER)
Randy Bailey-Survivor Gabon, Heroes Vs. Villains
Raymond Hosteau-The Amazing Race 7
Richard Hatch- Survivor Borneo (WINNER), All-Stars, Celebrity Apprentice 4
Rodger Bingham- Survivor-The Australian Outback
Russell Hantz-Survivor Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island, A & E’s Flipped Off
Sabrina Thompson- Survivor One World
Sandra Diaz-Twine- Survivor Pearl Island (WINNER), & Survivor Heroes vs. Villains (WINNER), “The Queen of Survivor”
Spencer Duhm- Survivor Tocantins
Stephannie Favor-Survivor Cook Islands
Tanya Vance- Survivor Thailand
“Tarzan”- Survivor One World
Teri and Ian Pollack- The Amazing Race 3 and The Amazing Race All-Stars
Terry Deitz-Survivor Panama
“The Fab 3” Ryan, & AJ – Expedition Impossible
Tina Wesson- Survivor-The Australian Outback (WINNER) and All-Stars
Travis Sampson “Bubba”- Survivor Vanuatu
Troy Robertson “Troyzan”-Survivor One World
Todd Herzog- Survivor China (WINNER)
Tom Westman-Survivor Palau (WINNER), Survivor-Heroes vs. Villains
Twila Tanner-Survivor Vanuatu
Tyanna Alvarado- The Apprentice 10
Ty Brown-The Bachelorette Season 6
Uchenna Agu-The Amazing Race 7 (WINNER)
Vipul & Arti-The Amazing Race 10
Wanda Shirk- Survivor-Palau
Yau-Man Chan-Survivor Fiji,Micronesia

Other Special Guests
Alex Jacobs- The Mole Season 5
Brad Culpepper-9 Year NFL Defense Tackle Vikings, Buccaneers, Bears
Britt Griffith-Ghost Hunters, TAPS
Derek Amato- Ingenious Minds
Melody Pinkerton- Frank the Entertainer
Murtz Jaffer-host of Reality Obsessed
Trent Garrett-All My Children, Make It or Break It
Summer Mack- NBC’s Love in the Wild-Season 2


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Reality TV Star August 23, 2012 - 12:31 am

So cool that reality stars take the time to support great charities and causes. It’s important for reality tv stars to give back to the community.


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