Reese’s Cupfusion to open May 25 at Hersheypark

Guests can become an agent, protect the Hershey’s factory, and make sure the world never runs out of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on the all-new interactive gaming attraction, Reese’s Cupfusion – opening Saturday, May 25 at Hersheypark.

reese's cupfusion

This arcade shooter-based attraction features the most targets in the world, and six ways for guests to play. As an agent trainee, riders will have the latest technology track their scores, get a fun and free ride photo, and earn their place on the Reese’s Hall of Fame.

reese's ride

Reese’s Cupfusion will engage riders’ sight, smell, touch, and sound during the course of the ride, with the love for Reese’s at the center of the experience. On the ride, guests will become Reese’s Agent Trainees at Reese’s Central, a futuristic factor that runs on Reese’s Spirit. At the heart of Reese’s Central is the Crystal Cup, which collects the love of chocolate and peanut butter to create the Cupfusion energy that powers the factory.

reese's cupfusion

As a Reese’s Agent Trainee, it’s the job of the guests to protect the Crystal Cup and make sure that the factory keeps running by activating targets to power the factory, stunning intruders with an amplifier, working with fellow agents to get extra points, and more.

Here’s the six ways riders will be able to play:

  • Fixed and motion-based targets
  • Small and large media targets on screens up to 22 feet tall
  • Unlock Easter Eggs through individual and cooperative group play, resulting in bonus points

Complimentary lockers are available for guests while the wait and ride, though late retrieval fees apply.

To learn more about this new attraction, head over to

Reese’s Cupfusion interactive ride at Hersheypark

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