Rose gold Cinderella Castle ’50th Anniversary update’ seen from the sky

Just a few days ago, we got up-close ground views of the 50th Anniversary rose gold Cinderella Castle update. Now, thanks to @bioreconstruct on Twitter, we have aerial views of this new castle look.

cinderella castle
Photos by @bioreconstruct on Twitter. Left image taken June 20, 2020. Right image taken July 5, 2019.

This new update will add deep blues, gold accents, and a rosy pink hue to the castle. The current speed of construction also makes us believe that most, if not all, of the castle’s update will be finished by the park’s reopening date of July 11.

magic kingdom

@bioreconstruct flew by Magic Kingdom on two recent occasions. This image, taken June 12, showcases how many cranes and workers are going nonstop at this project.

cinderella castle

@bioreconstruct flew by Magic Kingdom again eight days later on June 20. Even in that relatively short time, we can see many more gold accents were added. More blue rooftop paint and pink paint was added, as well. Work also moved forward into the turrets next to the central hub area of the park.

Magic Kingdom officially opens in 20 days, with cast member and annual passholder previews taking place just before that. Disney appears to going ahead at full-speed to have a new look for Cinderella Castle ready for everyone.


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  1. It’s horrible how WDW is treating DVC members. We have to cxl our trip because of all the restrictions (no parades, meet and greets, fireworks) for our granddaughters ( 2 and 4) and are FORCED to wear masks in 90 degree heat (what 2 year old can do that??) because that eliminates most of their Magic!!! Can’t get through to customer service. They want to take points away. Won’t work with us at all. They literally couldn’t and 9 of the 10 questions we had. Without answers, we have to cxl. We waited a year to go back, paid our dues upfront and still no vacation because the MAGIC IS GONE!!!!! Shame on WDW to treat the members that gave $1,000’s upfront so all these projects get done.
    No longer a fanatic!!!
    Barely a fan.
    Probably no longer a DVC member!!

    1. Why even comment on this post when it was about the castle update? No one cares your a DVC member and no one cares about this hissy fit. Disney is trying to keep you SAFE!! If you don’t like it then don’t go but we don’t need to hear you complain that the magic is ruined lol.