Roundup Rodeo BBQ is almost ready to open in Toy Story Land

To round up 2022, we checked in on the Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Coming spring 2023, this table service restaurant will be a new dining location in Toy Story Land, a section of the park that needs more food and air-conditioned options.

Toy Story Land's upcoming Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant.

The photo above shows the majority of what we can see from within the park. And, we even got lucky enough to catch Woody and Jessie in our shot (both dressed in their holiday best). You can just imagine what Woody is thinking as he dreams about his future BBQ meals.

Location of upcoming Roundup Rodeo restaurant as compared to Toy Story Land entrance and My Disney Experience app map.

The image above gives context for the restaurant’s location right behind Toy Story Land’s entrance signage with Woody. For those looking for a bite to eat, it will be the very first offering in the land – other than taking a picture with the sign.

Facade work ongoing at Toy Story Land for upcoming restaurant.

Once you step into the land, you can easily see the construction ongoing for this future location. Disney usually attempts to hide construction progress. But, a building this size simply can’t be hidden. In fact, it was through the construction visible from inside the park that we gauged how Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was progressing back in 2018.

Lighting and covered signage at Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction.

As we get closer to the future entrance of the Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant, we can see some installed lighting for what we can safely assume will be signage. One day, rain or shine, night or day, this will be your welcoming guide to a family-style sit-down experience.

GIF showing lightbulb installation at Toy Story Land.

When we get really close, and really push the editing software for this image, we can make out a light bulb already installed in this signage. Why is a light bulb important? It signals completion – or at least confidence in that section of construction. In past construction articles, we mentioned that landscaping is installed last to avoid large construction equipment hitting plants or trees, and we believe that theory also applies here. If the sign and lamp aren’t ready to go, why install light bulbs? Most likely the signage, which is hidden for now, is ready to go (or at least 95% of the way there).

Table service restaurant signage seen behind construction covering at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

That signage can be seen here, trying its best to peer through a tarp for a look at the tens-of-thousands of visitors that head to Toy Story Land daily.

Close-up on theming elements and construction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Near the Toy Story Land entrance we can see this backstage gate and a service dog relief area. It also lets us peek through the bamboo to see where the Roundup Rodeo BBQ theming ends. It’s a bit disappointing to see that the theming is only done for the land. But, the other side of the restaurant is clearly visible from other areas of the park.

Overview of Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant exterior at Toy Story Land.

Back inside Toy Story Land, we once again have this sweeping view of the upcoming eatery. Scaffolding is up, but appears to be ready to come down soon. Behind it, a cardboard themed facade awaits.

Close-up on cardboard theming for upcoming BBQ restaurant at Toy Story Land.

While not confirmed, we hope this location will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The idea of a nice country breakfast, like the kind you can get at Trail’s End Restaurant at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, sounds like a great way to start your Hollywood Studios day.

Slinky Dog Dash coaster soars by in foreground, with Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction in the background.

As we get closer to 2023 and the opening of this upcoming table service restaurant, we’re hoping for details about food and drink offerings (and how to grab your reservations). Stay tuned for more.


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