Roller coaster fans can get their caffeine fix at SeaWorld’s new Coaster Coffee Co.

by Matt Roseboom

Roller coaster fans can start their day with some fun at the new Coaster Coffee Co. shop near the front of SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. exterior

The former Cypress Bakery at SeaWorld Orlando has been given a bit of a makeover and is now called Coaster Coffee Co. While the bakery and coffee offerings are about the same, they’ve added some merchandise, a couple of roller coaster models (including two small ones you can purchase), and some roller coaster photos.

SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. merchandise

You can purchase long and short sleeve shirts, mugs and cups with the Coaster Coffee Co. logo, as well as a Nanocoaster kit of Krakken and a Coaster Cutouts kit of Mako. (There’s no large $4,000 Coaster Cutouts of Mako for sale at the park like Cedar Point has, yet.)

SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. interior bakery

This side of the coffee shop looks about the same as before. This is where you order your Starbucks coffee and pastries. Here’s a look at the menu:

SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. menu 1
SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. menu 2
SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. menu 3

But it’s the other side of the shop where the tables are located that you can watch models of SeaWorld roller coasters Mako and Kraken running.

SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. Mako model
SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. Kraken model

You’ll also find a vertical screen showing video of SeaWorld roller coaster POVs and some black and white photos of roller coaster construction.

SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. POV video screen
SeaWorld Coaster Coffee Co. pictures

The Coaster Coffee Co. is located near the guest services desk at the front of SeaWorld Orlando and is open during park hours daily. Which logo item will you be buying?


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