SeaWorld Orlando opens TurtleTrek 3D 360 dome attraction

SeaWorld Orlando’s newest attraction, TurtleTrek is now officially open. It combines up-close encounters with manatees and sea turtles and state-of-the art entertainment with a first-of-its-kind 3D 360 degree dome theater film. Guests first visit two massive naturalistic habitats, home to manatees and sea turtles, learning what makes each species so unique.

They’ll then enter a domed theater where they will be surrounded by a hyper-realisitic, 3D 360 degree film that takes them on the life journey of a special sea turtle named Nyah. The experience is all around guests and even above them. It’s an all-new and immersive way of showcasing a sea turtle’s epic adventure from a turtle’s eye view of the ocean’s wonders.

There’s a call-to-action at the end of the experience: SeaWorld urges guests to join in conserving the world we share. “Do a little, do a lot, but join us and do something to help the world and its animals,” said Brian Morrow, the attraction’s chief designer. “TurtleTrek is about the everyday heroes who can make a difference in nature.”

After the film, Families can compete on the fun and educational “Race for the Beach” video game that plays out on video screens at the new attraction. Of course there’s a gift shop too. It is unique in the way it continues the attraction’s inspiration and guests will see exactly how a portion of each dollar spent benefits in-the-field research to help save animals.

Check out our video tour inside the TurtleTrek attraction:

TurtleTrek attraction tour at SeaWorld Orlando - 3D, 360 experience

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