Serengeti Night Safari offers a fun, unique Busch Gardens tour

For a unique night of fun and facts, check out the Serengeti Night Safari at Busch Gardens. The tour isn’t offered year-round, so make plans soon if you’d like to experience it.

One of the things that makes this tour is unique is that it’s for adults only. Because of the included Anheuser-Busch beverages, and some of the frank animal discussions, this tour isn’t for kids. There’s also a bit of comedy mixed in from your tour guides.

The two-hour tour starts in the Safari Club between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., depending on the event date and time of sunset. First you’ll get your photo with the guides and enjoy some snacks and drinks. Then it’s off to investigate some animals. The first part of the tour is on foot then you’ll board an open back truck for exploring the Serengeti Plain.

You’ll witness the active nighttime behaviors of hippos, lions and hyenas lit by lanterns and special filtered lighting. Before boarding the truck, you’ll be given some night-vision monoculars. You’ll use these and the guide’s filtered red light to see free-roaming herds of giraffes, zebra, rhinos and other African animals. The red lighting allows up-close views of animals without startling them.

A highlight of the tour is getting to hand feed some giraffes who aren’t at all afraid of human interaction. The night tour will allow you to view animals such as lions that are usually sleeping all day. The caretakers will also feed some of the animals on cue as you arrive to view them.

In the middle of the safari, you’ll stop and gather around a campfire for stories and beverages. Then it’s back on the plain. The tour ends in the Safari Club for a night cap complete with coffee and desserts.

The tours started back up just this month and are offered each Saturday night through May (except for Christmas Day). The cost is $60 per person and includes drinks and snacks. No theme park admission is needed.

For reservations, call 1-888-800-5447 or visit

Here’s a video preview:

Serengeti Night Safari tour at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Florida

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