Slice to host six ‘History of Themed Entertainment’ lecture events

Slice, a network of professionals in the creative themed entertainment industry, is hosting six “History of Themed Entertainment” lecture events, which will be open to the public.


The first lecture in the series, “A Brief History of Themed Entertainment,” will cover key areas in the history of the craft, kicking things off with pre-theme park implementations, including European nature parks, American seaside amusement parks, world’s fairs, kiddie parks, and early attempts at theming. After that, the lecture will move into the modern industry started off by the opening of Disneyland in 1955, and end with a look at the contemporary internationalization and global influence of the industry.

The lecture series will be led by Dr. Carissa Baker from the University of Central Florida, whose primary research is focused on narratives in the theme park world. 

This lecture series sets out to educate people who are actively working and creating in the themed entertainment industry, and who would like to learn more about the community, its origins, progression over time, and what the future may bring. Five out of the six events will feature guest speakers and/or panelists comprised of professionals from the community. These lectures are open to the public, though Slice members will be given priority in events that reach capacity.

“A Brief History of Themed Entertainment” will be held on Wednesday, May 22 at Valencia College’s West Campus in Orlando, and tickets are $25 each. The second lecture in the series, which will focus on storytelling in themed entertainment, is currently being planned.

To learn more about the event, and to purchase your tickets, check out the Eventbrite page here.


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  1. Hello, I live in Charlotte NC and would love to know if the lectures will be available somehow to those of us who cannot attend in person.