Solve a mystery in a horror-themed hotel room at Universal Studios Japan

Since 2015, the “Mystery Solving Horror Room” series has challenged guests at Hotel Universal Port to solve mysteries in their hotel room, and for the first time, a horrifying experience called “The Blood Flood” is available at Hotel Universal Port Vita at Universal Studios Japan.

The Blood Flood - universal studios japan
Images courtesy of Hotel Universal Port Vita

During “The Blood Flood,” an ordinary guest room becomes an eerie atelier where paintings invite viewers to enter the dark world of an “artist” who received a mysterious heart-stopping message when he saw them.

To solve the mystery, daring guests use their smartphones to help them examine the paintings scattered in the atelier and complete several puzzle-solving missions. For example, guests may need to research a faux painting technique known as “flottage” (a technique of rubbing a pattern on an object with a pencil). However, the story deepens as guests get closer to solving the mystery — and the epilogue continues even after they wake up the next morning.

“The Blood Flood” plan can be booked from Oct. 15, 2021, through Feb. 27, 2022. Click here for more information about Universal Port Vita at Universal Studios Japan.


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