Sox from the movie ‘Lightyear’ has officially “reached for the stars”

Sox, the robotic cat in the movie “Lightyear,” launched into space today, June 16, 2022, in celebration of the theatrical premier of Buzz Lightyear’s origin story.

sox in space
Photos courtesy of Showcase Cinemas

Showcase Cinemas announced the successful launch and return of a talking toy version of the feline companion. The mission started with lift-off from Sheffield’s Peak District in Derbyshire, U.K.

During the flight, Buzz’s sidekick reached speeds of around 250 m.p.h on its way to Earth’s atmosphere – and beyond – before making a parachuted descent back to terra firma and achieving a smooth landing in Spalding, Lincolnshire in the U.K.

Images and video taken during the adventure show Sox floating around 130,000 feet above Earth.

“With currently an 82% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the new ‘Lightyear’ film promises to be a family favorite in theaters this summer, featuring an iconic character that has become much-loved by families across the world,” said VP of Global Marketing for Showcase Cinemas, Mark Malinowski. “To celebrate the film’s opening, our Showcase Cinema U.K. team came up with an ‘out of this world’ idea of actually sending Buzz Lightyear’s new sidekick Sox to infinity and beyond!”

Disney and Pixar’s film, “Lightyear” officially opens in theaters today. The story centers on Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy, as he finds himself and his crew stranded on an alien planet. Sox acts as Buzz’s robot friend, easing the Space Ranger’s emotional transition during space missions.

Tickets for “Lightyear” can be found on


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  1. It’s Spalding, not Spaulding. Great to have a story so close to where I live, and a cool one at that!