Space Perspective Space Lounge launches from Kennedy Space Center in late 2024

Space Perspective, the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company, will begin taking up to eight passengers per flight to the edge of space starting in 2024.

space perspective space lounge
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Ascend to 100,000 feet (20 miles) above Earth during a six-hour journey that starts at Kennedy Space Center and ends with an ocean splashdown.

Up to eight travelers at a time, plus an experienced pilot, will board the carbon-neutral, zero-emission Spaceship Neptune space balloon’s capsule, which is elegantly fitted with panoramic windows for a 360 view, reclining seats, a bar made of re-purposed recyclable materials, mood lighting, a telescope, and interactive screens. Even the restroom has huge windows to ensure not a moment of the view will be missed.

The luxurious capsule is pressurized and climate controlled, for a comfortable flight that glides along the edge of space for two hours, giving passengers a panoramic view of Earth and the vastness of space.

space perspective space lounge view

Liftoff at dawn allows guests to experience the sunrise as they climb to an apogee of 100,000 feet while cruising at 12 miles per hour before making the two-hour descent back to Earth.

“Our mission is to inspire space explorers to connect more closely with our planet and each other,” said Jane Poynter, founder, co-CEO and chief experience officer of Space Perspective, “and the environment in which they travel with us is central to this. Our Space Lounge is a world away from the white, utilitarian environments you find in other spacecraft.”

$125,000 Balloon Flight to Space on the Space Perspective Space Lounge

Space Perspective Space Lounge also features:

  • Deep, reclining seats that can be reconfigured from a view through the panoramic windows to a setting in which passengers can enjoy an intimate dinner for two or celebrate a special event.
  • Food and beverage service, including a bar, bespoke Neptune drinking glasses, and a special dessert.
  • Sustainable materials throughout, which help reduce glare and reflection.
  • An open area in which to take group photographs, stretch, and walk around.
  • In-flight Wi-Fi.
  • Mood lighting, including low red LED lighting to enhance the ability to enjoy the sunrise, and views of the Earth and the stars.
  • A telescope, interactive screens, and a rolling text display which shares key information during the journey.
  • A luxury restroom with massive windows overlooking the planet.
  • An experienced pilot who can relay information about the journey, serve food and beverages, and help ensure all guests enjoy the experience.
space perspective space lounge with telescope

To assist in creating a luxury environment, hospitality and entertainment entrepreneur David Grutman was brought into the company as experience curator.

“I am beyond excited about advising Space Perspective on the Space Lounge experience,” Grutman said. “We really want to make this transformative. The world class team at Space Perspective is on a mission to change people’s perception of what adventure travel can be. We have so many ideas on how we can customize the journey – from birthday celebrations and corporate get-aways to creating seminal moments that will capture the imaginations of all.”

Commercial flights are slated to begin in late 2024. The first year is sold out, and reservations for 2025 and beyond are now available.

Tickets are $125,000 per person, with a fully refundable $1,000 deposit. Payments can also be made online using crypto currency.

Space Perspective’s human spaceflight launches are regulated by the FAA Office of Commercial Tourism.

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