Stage your own Simpsons couch gag in new photo opp at Universal Orlando


Since the completion of Springfield at Universal Studios Florida, a new photo booth has opened across from the entrance to The Simpsons Ride. This new photo opportunity allows guests to sit on the iconic couch from the animated show and be inserted into one of the famous “couch gags” from the show’s opening.

IMG_6485Colorvision International worked with Universal and Fox to help bring this photo opp to life. “The best part about working on this project with Universal was the theming of the store itself,” said James Guy, creative director at Colorvision. “Their creative team took our designs and made them into a full functioning structure, which as a designer, is always cool to see.

“With the show running as long as it has, we had hundreds of gags to choose from,” said James. “As a Simpsons fan, it was great fun narrowing down the list of gags that could work as fun guest photos. The initial gag sketches we drew up went to Fox’s team and they sent back full colored finals.”

Currently there are six couch gags backgrounds available, with more to come. According to James, “There are a few more designs in the works and we look forward to offering seasonal offerings down the road for holidays and special events.”

It’s free to pose for the photos and see the results, but prints and digital versions are for sale at the usual Universal photo prices.

The current gags available are:


Flooded Room

Earth Family

Vegas Showstopper

Tapped Out


We will update this post as more options become available.


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  1. This looks like so much fun! My husband is a HUGE Simpsons fan, I have no doubt that he will have to give it a go, looking forward to the new gags that are coming too 🙂