Marvel teases another epic crossover event for Star Wars comics

The characters of Marvel’s core four Star Wars comics are about to face a new threat none of them are expecting. It all begins with a new crossover event coming in the summer of 2023.

Star Wars Comics
Photos courtesy of Marvel Comics

Marvel’s main ongoing Star Wars comics include “Doctor Aphra,” “Darth Vader,” “Bounty Hunters,” and “Star Wars.” All four of these series feature events set between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”

A vague teaser for the crossover event says “First, it comes for the metal…” This line refers to the one-shot comic “Star Wars: Revelations,” which came out last year. In “Revelations,” Darth Vader glimpses visions of possible futures featuring the main characters from each of the series.

“Revelations” was a way to tease what’s coming next in Star Wars comics, and all signs from the issue and others point to a rebirth of the ancient assassin droid Ajax Sigma.

Star Wars Comics

Ajax Sigma first appeared in “Revelations,” but references to him were seen in “Han Solo & Chewbacca #9.” That issue explained that Ajax Sigma led a droid revolution during The High Republic era and was struck down by the Jedi. The droid’s neural core was taken from the battlefield and passed around over the centuries. Then, Han Solo and Chewbacca got their hands on it and hid it in a forest.

“Revelations” also showed panels of an offline Ajax Sigma being worked on and brought back to life by cult members.

“Han Solo & Chewbacca #10,” arriving on March 1, 2023, is the final issue for the series and sets up the crossover event coming in June 2023 from Marvel Comics.


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