Star Wars teases new ‘Young Jedi Adventures’ series and kids’ books

This year’s Star Wars Day — May 4th — will be a momentous occasion with new Star Wars TV hitting Disney Plus, including the new animated show “Young Jedi Adventures,” which is set during The High Republic era.

Young Jedi Adventures TV series
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The new series follows a group of Jedi younglings who are training to become Padawans by studying the Force and the mission of the Jedi Order, and helping anyone in need along the way. Leading the group is Master Yoda, of course.

“When developing Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, the first Star Wars series created for preschoolers, the creative team never stopped thinking about how this show may be a youngling’s first step into a larger world, and their first time experiencing the limitless potential of the Star Wars galaxy,” James Waugh, executive producer and senior vice president of franchise content & strategy at Lucasfilm, said to “The show’s characters, tone, and the life lessons woven throughout each episode were written just for them, and our talented team was committed to honoring the cinematic legacy while staying true to the expectations of parents for the youngest of audiences.”

Young Jedi Adventures TV series
“Young Jedi Adventures” is a new animated Star Wars television series set during The High Republic era

The announcement of the release date also came with a couple of first-look images at The High Republic-era Master Yoda and his youngling charges. The youngling characters include Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs, who are joined by their friend Nash Durango and droid Rj-83.

The full cast of the series includes:

  • Jamaal Avery, Jr.
  • Juliet Donenfeld
  • Dee Bradley Baker
  • Emma Berman
  • Jonathan Lipow
  • Piotr Michael

Coinciding with the premiere of “Young Jedi Adventures” is a slate of new books crafted for readers aged 3-7.

Young Jedi Adventures book
“Young Jedi Adventures: Jedi Training” is a tie-in children’s book to the new Star Wars animated series on Disney Plus

“Young Jedi Adventures: Jedi Training” follows a similar story to the animated series and features “empowering messages about teamwork and the importance of helping others.” This children’s book arrives on May 2, 2023.

“Young Jedi Adventures: My First Comic Reader Level 1” introduced new readers to graphic novel storytelling with a collection of colorful short stories featuring Yoda and the younglings. This book is expected in June.

“Get Well, Nubs” is a Little Golden Book tale following younglings Kai and Lys as they search for a special leaf to help their friend Nubs feel better in time for an exciting field trip. This book is available on July 25, 2023.

Then there are two World of Reading Level 1 books following the characters and creatures from “Young Jedi Adventures.” Both of those books are set to release on Sept. 5, 2023.

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  1. Really another series ? They can’t get what they already have started completed in a timely manner like the show Mandalorian where it’s going to be late ’23 or early ’24 to be seen on Disney +. They let a great show “The Orville” go away … Disney on season three of the Orville you finally had a show where the ship “Orville” was as much of a character as Star Trek’s “Enterprise 1701” is … you had a great cast of characters and you lost it. And what you’ve brought out isn’t what I’d hoped it would be … National Treasure is just ok. You need to revive Star Wars Rebels, it has the same “zing” that the movies 4/5/6 has. In closing … Disney you’ll continue to lose viewership and subscriptions if you don’t change