New excerpt from ‘Star Wars: Pirate’s Price’ released, featuring Hondo Ohnaka on Batuu

The self-declared “greatest pirate in the galaxy” and schemer, Hondo Ohnaka has found himself on a new adventure in “Star Wars: Pirate’s Price,” a new book by Lou Anders and illustrated by Annie Wu for the Flight of the Falcon series.

star wars: pirate's price
Read all about Hondo’s daring exploits in this new Star Wars story.

In the new book, Hondo is back in the spotlight as he talks his way out of things and shares tales of his “heroic” deeds aboard the Millennium Falcon. An exclusive excerpt of the start of this book was shared on, as well as a second excerpt of one of Hondo’s exciting adventures.

star wars: pirate's price

As many Star Wars fans are well aware, soon the planet of Batuu will welcome travelers from across the galaxy to Black Spire Outpost when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens this summer at Disneyland park and this fall at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Readers can learn more about this Outer Rim planet with “Star Wars: Pirate’s Price,” and hear more stories about Hondo’s escapades – including a run-in with Chewbacca and Han Solo.

Check out this paragraph from the first excerpt below, and read the full thing at

After being led on a chase across the galaxy, she had tracked the Millennium Falcon to the planet Batuu and its infamous port—Black Spire Outpost. Glancing above the roofline of the buildings, Bazine could see how the place found its name. Rising above the shops and dwellings were the petrified trunks of what were once giant trees that had dominated the skies of that world. Now their blackened remains stood as silent sentinels on the outskirts of the town.

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