Super Nintendo World is ‘loading in’ to Universal Studios Hollywood

Coming in 2023, Super Nintendo World, the second Nintendo-themed land for a Universal Park, will open at Universal Studios Hollywood. This exciting new land will feature a colorful landscape, a state-of-the-art ride system, unique food items, interactive characters, and much more. Universal Studios Hollywood’s Upper Lot offers a special view into the construction of this upcoming space.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood overview.

By Ethan Becker

Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood! My name is Ethan Becker and I run the YouTube channel, Theme Park Wizard. Today, I’m going to take you on a walk around Universal Studios Hollywood to check up on the progress of Super Nintendo World.

Completed Mario pyramids.

Let’s start at the overlook by Super Silly Fun Land and see what new changes there are to the land. In recent weeks, rapid progress has been made on the desert section of the land.  Just days ago, the pyramids were under tarps and the dirt sections were under scaffolding.

Construction on Nintendo-style hills.

Moving along further to the right, here is a shot of the entrance to the land, which will eventually be a green warp pipe. Currently, the warp pipe is all steel and under lots of scaffolding.

From here we get a great look at the inside of the land, including Mount Beanpole, Bowser’s Castle, and the lower level of the land, including the brand new restrooms.

A close up on Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood.

We can also get a fantastic look at Mount Beanpole to the left and Bowser’s Castle in the center. Bowser’s Castle is currently getting blue paneling on the top portions, but the lower portions are well defined, with the castle walls and turrets in place.  Multiple animatronics will move on those open slits on Mount Beanpole. You can see a video of some of these animatronics, and a tour of the completed land at Universal Studios Japan, here.

Restroom construction.

Here we have a closer look at the new restroom building, seen in the center under the large tan and black tarp. We also have Toad’s Cafe, which is the circular structure on the left.  Above the restrooms looks to be jungle-type theming, with desert above that. In Universal Studios Japan, this is where the Yoshi’s Adventure ride is located. But, here in Hollywood, there will only be the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge attraction.

Bowser's Castle construction at Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood.

Let’s take a closer look at the entryway to Bowser’s Castle.  We can see a massive opening and maybe even a drawbridge-type feature starting to develop. 

Piranha plants still covered in tarp for construction protection.

We can also get a better and closer look at both of the Piranha Plants wrapped in their plastic. And we can see Peach’s castle on the right hand side, in the scaffolding, getting some work done as well. 

Large crane in the middle of Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood.

Taking a look at Mount Beanpole, there is some major work being done. All of the mountain is fully decorated in dirt and grass, with the gravel and rocks being installed now. According to a construction worker on the project, this week they are focusing more on Mount Beanpole, and scaffolding can come off soon.

Mount Beanpole Scaffolding DOWN! Super Nintendo World Update Universal Studios Hollywood!

Supposedly, there could be materials relating to a potential rumored small, second attraction inside Mount Beanpole. If this attraction comes to fruition it’ll most likely be nothing more than a small flat ride. But anything to increase Universal Hollywood’s overall ride count is welcome news to me. So I hope this rumor is true.


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