The Rumor Queue: Mysterious new structure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A new temporary building has suddenly shown up in the cast member parking lot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At first it was thought to be a part of the Christmas parade filming, but this structure appears to be made for something else entirely.

The temporary building does not yet appear to be complete, but work is continuing quickly. In fact, large concealed trucks were seen dropping off supplies days ago. The logo shown on the truck is simply the tarp company and does not relate to the supplies within. This building is visible to the park guests, if they know where to look, as the cast member parking lot is right next to the guest parking lot.

Shown here is an overview of the backside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Purple is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, complete with backstage areas and the show buildings of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Yellow is the current construction area of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, the Star Wars hotel. The dotted lines leading to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is most likely the path themed buses will take to drop Star Wars hotel guests off inside off Galaxy’s Edge. The red box is the area of construction in question.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will open at Walt Disney World, Dec. 5. This highly anticipated attraction will be part of phase two of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. With this opening there will be a major media event and another huge crowd rush to this land. Part of this opening is rumored to be a stunt show between the Resistance and the First Order. While this show is expected to only be a temporary part of the grand opening, they do need a place for performers to train.

Now we look back to this structure. A large semi-permanent building located in between Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the upcoming hotel. Rumors have suggested this area will first be used for the stunt performers for the grand opening. But what after that?

Jake the Star Wars Droid roams around Disney Parks and Resorts Pavilion at D23 Expo 2017

Rumors also say this area will be used to test out the droids we expected to see at Galaxy’s Edge opening. It has been said the droids, while almost ready to go, were held back. This was because of the fear guests would damage them in the busy opening months. This building may also be used as a training area for entertainment at the upcoming Star Wars themed hotel.

Nothing has been confirmed, and we don’t expected Disney to ever speak of this parking lot building, so it will most likely always be a guess. If you hear more details about this or any other additions coming to the Star Wars area of Hollywood Studios, send us an email or let us know in the comments below.


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  1. This is not exactly about the article but I just visited yesterday and have some thoughts on the Star Wars elements. It should all be in one area of the Park. They should get rid of the Muppets area and make it Star Wars themed so Star Tours is not separated. Launch Bay should vacate the Animation area and turn that back to the making of Animation and Pixar stuff. The Nastaligic Hollywood area needs to stay put. More Pixar should be used.

    1. Agreed. When you arrive back on star tour it says welcome to Battu but yet you have to pass the muppets to get to it.. (to me doesnt fit right)and launch bay why still on the other side of the park?

  2. Perhaps it’s none of the above. Studios is frequently ground zero for MANY cheerleading/dance competitions and when they’re in town, there has ALWAYS been a temporary structure put up next to old costuming to house warmup and staging for that. At least, in my years there.

    1. Normally I would agree with you except that the Cheerleading stadium was created so recently. I would have hoped that they made enough room now at ESPN for their competitions and wouldn’t require the cast parking lot.

  3. Do NOT get rid of the muppets!! We do need more than Star Wars as the park already feels as though it’s turning into Star Wars Studio not Hollywood Studios!

  4. I was just there two days ago and the place is so jam-packed full of people it’s not even worth the wait. We got to the Milennium Falcon and the wait time was 195 minutes with no Fast Passes available. I don’t even care anymore. All Disney wants is to take as much money as they can from you and cram as many people as they can into their dreadful theme parks. So disappointing. Good riddance to Disney and their amusement parks. Sadly, I will still go see their Star Wars movie in December because they are so damn good.

  5. Diz…..I dont know about other cheer comps, but Varsity’s Summit and Worlds are held at Wide World of Sports now. There is plenty if space there for warmuos and such. Two arenas in fact.
    Years ago they were held at MGM/DHS on the Indiana Stunt Show stage.