Tickets to space now available to the public

Virgin Galactic aerospace and space travel company is ready to take passengers to space, with reservations opening up on February 16, 2022.

Virgin Galactic view of Earth
Virgin Galactic’s First Spaceflight
Photos courtesy of Virgin Galactic

Anyone who has ever dreamed of a trip to space now has their chance, as tickets for a spaceflight with Virgin Galactic open up to the general public tomorrow.

“At Virgin Galactic, we believe that space is transformational,” said Michael Colglazier, CEO at Virgin Galactic. “We plan to have our first 1,000 customers on board at the start of commercial service later this year, providing an incredibly strong foundation as we begin regular operations and scale our fleet.”

Virgin Galactic cabin interior
Virgin Galactic Spaceship Cabin Interior

Along with reservations for a journey into space, the program will also provide access to the Future Astronaut membership community, which aims to provide inspiration, excitement, and adventure, from the time a ticket is purchased, throughout the space flight, and beyond.

Flights launch from Spaceport America, located in New Mexico, and in the days prior to launch, future astronauts will take part in several spaceflight preparedness activities centered around bespoke itineraries and world-class amenities, all while enjoying a stay in custom accommodation.

Spaceport America
SpaceShipTwo Unity relocates to Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space, Spaceport America, New Mexico.

During the 90-minute flight itself, astronauts will experience a “signature air launch” and Mach-3 boost to space. As the ship gently rotates, adventurers will be allowed to take part in several minutes of out-of-seat weightlessness with phenomenal views of Earth from each of the spaceship’s 17 windows.

Post-flight, astronauts will be encouraged to share their transformational experience by creating a “positive impact with the perspective that can only come from seeing our beautiful planet from space.”

Blair Rich, president and chief business officer, commercial and consumer operations, spoke about Virgin Galactic’s newly-designed consumer brand. “We have developed a compelling and effective sales process to support the growth of our commercial business. A global, commercial spaceline demands an iconic and timeless brand. It is important that our brand represents our dynamic customer offering, and speaks to our unique experience, style, and service.”

Virgin Galactic branding logo
Virgin Galactic logo

Reservations for a spaceflight cost $450,000 in total, and require a deposit of $150,000, with final payment due before the flight.

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