Meet Toothless from ‘How to Train Your Drgaon’ at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is welcoming dragon trainers of all ages to meet the legendary dragon himself, Toothless from the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise.

Guests can now meet this lovable dragon at Universal Studios Hollywood!

By Jake Goldberg

UPDATE – 02/19/19: Guests can now take a virtual ride on Toothless at a limited-time video experience booth at Universal Studios Florida. Check out the ride video guests receive after their experience below:

UPDATE – 02/18/19: Guests can meet Toothless outside of USH at the park’s Guest Services location on the following days: Feb. 16-18, and 22-24.

No ticket is required to encounter this dragon, as he will be meeting guests outside the park’s main gate past the security checkpoint. However, this experience will only be offered until February 24th so plan accordingly.

Toothless has no set appearance schedule and will come out at random intervals throughout the day. To learn more about other character appearances at USH, visit

Check out our video of the new meet-and-greet below:


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  1. I am,so confused. It is Jan 2020. Not sure if this os gone but can’t find it anywhere on Universals website. My kids would love it and we are coming to,Orlando in Feb so want to make,this happen if it is still there