Universal Orlando’s CityWalk planning to partially reopen on May 11

It appears that Universal CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort is planning at least a partial reopening to guests next week.


UPDATE – 05/12/20: Universal Orlando has officially announced that CityWalk will reopen with limited operations on Thursday, May 14. Guests and team members will be required to wear masks and undergo temperature screenings before entering the property. Learn more here.

UPDATE – 05/11/20: Universal Orlando decided not to open any part of CityWalk on May 11, 2020. We will update and post a new story once an opening date is known. Disney Springs has announced a limited opening on May 20, 2020.

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This news comes after team members working at the CityWalk Starbucks, which is owned by Universal, were told that the location was planning to open next week. The waitstaff at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville were also told that all Orlando CityWalk restaurants are planning to re-open on May 11.

We’ve reached out to Universal about this possible reopening date, but they haven’t yet responded.

On the other side of the theme park universe at Walt Disney World, there is still no word on when Disney Springs will reopen to guests. We also reached out to Disney for info on an opening date, but they have not responded.

Stay tuned for more updates on theme park re-openings as they are announced.


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        1. Universal hasnt said anything yet. Team members should be keeping their mouths shut until official.

        2. The article implies Universal will open all city walks next Monday, and they have said nothing about it publicly yet? Seems fishy.

        1. You mean Faux News, don’t you? I mean, Faux is the network that was calling this a hoax since the beginning.

      1. not one bit fake sir. We have family who has been told to report on the 11th or be reported to unemployment.

    1. Ha! How is June any safer than mid May? Does the virus suddenly go into safer mode in June? Lol! The virus is here to stay people! Until there is a vaccine then all we have is herd immunity.. and who wants to bet most if Americans already have had this virus at one point or another and we didn’t even know it! They claim it’s liked more people than the Vietnam war, so has the flu! Actually less people have died from this than the flu! Even with a regular flu vaccine we still catch the flu! There is no cure for this and never will be and yes it sucks because it’s a bad way to go! But guess what, nothing you can do about but run and hide out forever until they have a vaccine to make it go away forever.

      1. Nobody actually dies from the flu, those are estimated numbers, not actual reported cases of flu deaths. This is much, much worse.

        1. What do you mean no one dies from the flu? Then why does my fathers death certificate say ‘Cause of Death” – Influenza?!?!

        2. And people don’t b die from this eitger.. people are dying from compromised immune systems that can’t fight the virus, same as the flu.. every death that’s reported, C-19 is secondary to another condition.. lets make sure we’re understanding the facts…

      2. Saying it’s like the flu just shows you have no understanding how infectious and deadly this virus is. Just to give you an example, Brady on current infection rate: If you infect 1 person with the flu, it grows to 14 infected people in 10 days. With this, in 10 days you would have infected 59,000 people.

      3. The flu has been around much longer than COVID -19. 19 is the year it was discovered … Are you one of those – hey dare- that darn flu as killed way more than this…we got this… lets go out with no masks and business as usual… til your grandma drops dead. Brilliant,

  1. Sounds cold but we have to test the water at some point. Don’t think anyone wants to stand in a 1930s bread line of live in a Hoover house again. As a country we are in trouble. If we do not go back to work Hoover here we come.

      1. There’s people killing themselves from anxiety of the situation,there’s families being torn apart,how many millions have lost their jobs and can’t feed their families,and this is after a month and a half,if things don’t start opening up now you’re looking at the greater depression,we won’t bounce back from that.Disney and Universal need to open,don’t feel safe then don’t go,it will be limited admission anyways,wear your mask and carry sanitizer but things will be worse if we don’t venture out.Its a vaccine or herd immunity to get through this.

        1. Don’t get your hopes up too high for her immunity. It would require that at least 80-85% of the population getting the virus and even at that, it’s just a theory. And don’t forget that at 80% of 320 million, times 3%, you’re looking at over 7 million people dead. Are you sure you want to go with the herd immunity thing? I’m sure you’ll say yes as long as you are not one of the dead. There’s no easy answer here. I miss being at Universal as much as anyone. But I don’t expect to get back there (and maybe it will be never) until there is a reliable vaccine. Up to that point, if you don’t want to risk dying, stay away. If you don’t care, go for it. But don’t ever stand there and say you didn’t understand.
          What’s it gonna be??

        2. Everyone is such an expert on pandemics all of a sudden. We havent had one in 100 years yet EVERYONE knows its time to go out. Get to work. If your not ESSENTIAL and your probably not) stay home and dream about when the park open again. I love these experts. You know what better yet—yeah go out … let the rest (who are scared) or prefer not to die yet or cause others to die – stay home.

          People forget it isnt just about their own worthless selfish lives—- its the others who DID NOT go out but HAD to goto work to stock shelves or treat your sick kids that YOU are infecting. People know it all but fail to think first.

      2. How about I don’t try to force you to come out of your house and you don’t try to force me to stay in mine? Damn. Has the whole country lost the ability to mind one’s own business?

        1. How is going outside “minding your own business” if you’re putting other people in danger? Start thinking about other people besides yourself.

  2. Anything with the words Disney/Universal need to start opening right now,even if the parks dont open until June having Citywalk and/or Disney Springs is what’s going to start bringing the people back.

    1. I agree. For those sounding alarm bells and running around with their hair on fire: if YOU don’t feel safe, don’t go these parks, etc. All adults can decide for themselves what to do.

  3. For all the people who think business should not open till a later date, just stay at home. Nobody is forcing anyone to go back to work or saying you have to leave your house. If you are one of these people I don’t want to hear you complaining you can’t pay your bills or expecting a hand out. Your on your own at this point.

    1. Except if you get infected and are going out it doesn’t stay with you. And if the cases go up, not only will be returned to restrictive lockdown, it will cause it to go longer.

      Sometimes it not just about you

  4. Unfortunately, life goes on or better yet the world keeps turning. This virus either created on purpose or accidentally is now something to add to the countless diseases, viruses and upsetting way to die. Cant be sheltered forever because eventually grim reaper will get you someway, somehow and at any moment and that’s life people…..its here one second and gone the next…..sucks.

    1. Only Margaritaville, Starbucks, Red Oven, the hot dog place, and Toothsome’s merch area are opening. Everything else will still be closed.

        1. I have relatives that work there and those were the areas they were told that Universal was starting with.

  5. For those who may be a little skeptical about this, if you go on Hard Rock Cafe Orlando’s website, it lets you make a reservation now starting on May 11th.

  6. Thank goodness! Time to stop living in fear! No one is forcing anyone to go out or open their business.

  7. You know this is what has scared me all along. FEAR is doing more harm than the virus. We are supposed to be strong AMERICA, let’s pull up our big boy pants and take the leap. Mass immunity is all we can hope for right now. There WILL be a rise in positive cases, it’s how many hospitalizations and deaths that are the numbers we need to look at. People need to remember how many positive cases have RECOVERED. If you’re immune compromised stay home till you feel safe or there is a vaccine but for the other 90 % of the population let’s stop being lazy and get back to work. If y’all weren’t receiving free money from the government I’m sure you’d feel differently about staying home