Universal Parks & Resorts to open a Texas theme park

Universal Parks & Resorts announced a specially designed theme park for young children in Frisco, Texas.

Universal Parks & Resorts Texas project concept art

Universal Parks & Resorts announced a planned theme park designed for families with young children. This Frisco, TX, location will be part of 97 acres of land recently purchased by the company.  This new theme park concept will be set in a lush green landscape and offer immersive style lands for families with young children. Universal Parks will build on the narrative of their cherished characters focusing on younger theme park fans.

The proposed theme park will be designed as something other than a worldwide travel destination like Universal Orlando. The theme park will be created in terms of size, like a regional theme park. This park will contain family-friendly attractions, animated shows, character meet and greets, unique merchandise, and fun dining options. Universal Parks & Resorts claims this smaller theme park will still carry the same quality as Universal’s other more prominent resort destinations.

Full Concept Art Breakdown for New Universal Theme Park in Frisco, Texas

A proposed nearby hotel is in the works. This hotel is rumored to have 300 rooms. Universal Parks & Resorts also stated the area has room for expansion. The overall look of these projects will feel and look different than Universal’s other projects since they intend to reach a younger audience.

Universal Parks & Resorts selected the city of Frisco for this new concept based on the projected growth of the area and the city’s ability to attract businesses to the area. The proposed location also resides within an excellent travel corridor for local residents Page Thompson, president of New Ventures, Universal Parks & Resorts, said, “We think North Texas is the perfect place to launch this unique park for families given its growing popularity within this part of the country.”

In terms of the exact opening date, Universal Parks & Resorts did not disclose that information. However, the rumored agreement involves a timetable of four years to open this theme park. That rumor makes sense based on Universal Parks & Resort’s ability to build attractions and continue with Universal’s Epic Universe project.

Regarding the beloved characters to be found in this new theme park, we can only speculate. However, based on concept art, some lands of this park reflect colors and designs we already know from other Universal-owned properties.  

Universal Parks & Resorts Texas project

For example, the area on the bottom right of the concept art looks like the “Trolls” movie character would enjoy living there. One can visualize Poppy singing and dancing there.

Texas project universal

The area placed on the top left gives off some Jurassic Park vibes. Could this be “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous” since the target audience is young children?

One might be able to imagine lands from the “Shrek” movies in the top right corner of this concept art.

Whatever intellectual properties make up this new theme park, the new project will create great interest in Texas and the surrounding area. Are you excited about this announced project? What do you think of Universal Parks & Resort taking this step? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Hoping once Universal-mini does well that it will grow to incorporate its bigger attractions from Fla. Then, we need a WDW-mid country! N. Texas is affluent and still growing and less than a 10 -12 hr drive from many points north, east and west not to mention the ability to reach all 30 million Texans! C’mon ‘Big’ Theme Parks!