Universal’s VelociCoaster reaches a million riders in just two months

Universal’s new Jurassic World VelociCoaster has been met with rave reviews. This high-intensity themed coaster officially opened June 10, 2021. But the ride was being ridden before that with annual passholder previews, team member previews and an attraction soft opening. Now, just months after riders were first allowed, the VelociCoaster has already had its millionth!

Lone rider on Universal's VelociCoaster at the Islands of Adventure Park.

On an initial reaction article, we showcased some of the reviews that first riders had when experiencing VelocicCoaster. Riders consistently call VelociCoaster “intense,” “incredible” and “worth the wait.” Now, this coaster has taken riders 1,000,000 times on its ferocious tracks.

Universal confirmed the number this morning, even as more and more guests pile in to see this new engineering coaster feat. The Jurassic World VelociCoaster take riders 155 feet in the air as they travel up to 70 miles per hour alongside a pack of Velociraptors. This coaster is Florida’s fastest and tallest launch coaster.

Jurassic World VelociCoaster 360º View at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Too afraid to embark on this journey? No problem. Start the video above for a full 360º view, or click this link for a reaction cam.

Were you one of the first 1,000,000 riders onboard VelicoCoaster? Or will be a part of the next 10,000,000 to ride? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Sounds Great. But Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain RR coaster carries over a million people EVERY WEEK. The scale at Universal is just so much smaller.

    1. Hey Danny, while I do not have access to Disney’s numbers on guest capacity for the ride, I did some math and I think the numbers could be off. Even if the parks were open 24 hours a day, that would be 142,857 guests a day on the ride, which is more than Magic Kingdom’s supposed capacity. That would require nearly everyone in the park to ride twice. If we said the park was open 9-9, a twelve hour day, that would be nearly 12,000 guests an hour! While I agree that Walt Disney World does have a very large capacity, I think one million a week may be overshooting.