VIDEO: SeaWorld's Manta Views, Interviews, Aquarium, and Queue

Yesterday, we posted pictures and a review/report from SeaWorld’s new roller coaster, Manta. Today, we have a video showing you the twists and turns of the attraction, including interviews with SeaWorld’s director of design and engineering Brian Morrow, director of park operations Tim Carrier, and director of aquariums Gary Violetta who share some insight into the design, construction, and operation of this new thrill ride:

Manta Opening SeaWorld Orlando - Views, Interviews, & Queue

Coming up in our Summer 2009 issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine, we’ll have a more in-depth look at how Manta came to be. Subscribe today to make sure you don’t miss it.


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  1. Brilliant video! One of the only real-life videos I have found of this new ride. The rest have all been simulations.

    I have added it to my site many thanks!