Views from Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit coaster, as seen from high-tech camera glasses

Technology is always improving, and HD video eyeglass cameras for police and extreme sports now look just like regular glasses. You may have seen these normal-looking eyeglass cameras in use on various undercover or investigative reality TV shows.

Using an eyeglasses camera, here are some views that we’ve all wanted to catch a photo of, but weren’t able to until now. (There are no loose items allowed on most roller coasters.) This is a view of the loop and lift tower as seen from the second brake run.

Looking up into the first and second brake runs. The second brake run is on the lower level. Note that there are three empty seats in the train exiting the second brake run.

The New York section of the park and the lagoon as seen from the first brake run.

Looking down from the first brake run, into the portal to a New York street.

The new eyeglasses cameras also work well in low light. This is the New York section at night. Note the edge of a yellow tower at the far right. This tower is the crane towering over the former Soundstage 44 site. The site was rapidly cleared for an unannounced project, rumored to be a new Transformers ride.

Looking toward CityWalk from the third brake run.

Here are two eyeglass camera point-of-view videos, showing two different experiences, night and day, front seat and a seat farther back.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit sunglasses camera Point Of View - roller coaster daytime
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit sunglasses camera Point Of View - roller coaster nighttime

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  1. I wonder if these are the Immortal Video Eye Gear glasses…would be useful to know please, as I do a lot of POV filming on coasters but these days cannot get permission from most parks to film anything on-ride.

  2. There are other small cameras available with head an/or chest mounts. Aren’t these allowed since they can be consirdered ‘less loose’ than glasses?