Virtual Walt Disney World Launches on Google Earth

A virtual version of Walt Disney World has launched today on Google Earth, featuring 3D buildings of most of the major points on Walt Disney World property, including attractions and resorts.

To enjoy the virtual Walt Disney World, download Google Earth here and navigate to nearly any area throughout the resort.

Not only can you see what different areas of the parks and resorts look like, but you can also click on them to find out more information, watch a video, and even book a trip.

Here’s a look at what the virtual version of The Haunted Mansion looks like:


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  1. It’s nice but it isn’t as good as I had hoped. My hopes were a little too high perhaps 😉

  2. I checked this out earlier today. It really is an interesting concept and from what I hear they plan to do a lot more with it. I wonder how many other businesses will take on a similar task? Next thing you know we’ll have virtual tours of all of Orlando’s attractions.